Costco dinner rolls (36 count)

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By KaryJane on Wed, 01-03-07, 04:42

Just bought these rolls a few weeks ago, only to discover, after they were already in my freezer, that they now contain peanut traces. Just and FYI.

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By mharasym on Thu, 01-04-07, 02:37

I'm in Canada and our Costco has a warning on literally everything they make in store from fruit salad to pizza to cookies to deli trays that it may contain, peanuts, nuts, eggs, milk, wheat, seseme, seafood, sulfites, etc., etc., etc. There are literally 15 things on the list. I've talked with them about this "CYA" warning and how it just tells me that they have crappy clean up processes. The only thing without a warning - the meat - which is situated between the bakery and the food prep kitchen. Tell me how that works!
Anyway, we don't buy anything instore made at Costco - just can't take on the risk.

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