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By Going Nuts on Thu, 03-29-01, 14:50

This is posted under another thread, but now that we have this groovy new category, I'll re-post here.

Following our Kellog's action, we are going to target ConAgra. ConAgra is a huge parent company of such brands as Kid Cuisine, Armour, Banquet, Healthy Choice (boo, hiss for their popcorn), Libbys's, and many others. Each brand has their own customer service and product safety department.

Please check out ConAgra's website ([url][/url]) and help us determine which brands to target. Post your preferences here, and I will supply the contact info. Also, ConAgra's website has a "Contact Us" e-form; we can use that in addition to contacting the original brands.


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By jh5000 on Thu, 03-29-01, 19:29

Amy -

Some of the things I think we need to address with Conagra:

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By Going Nuts on Fri, 03-30-01, 00:42

Oh, the joys of dealing with gargantuan corporations!


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By Going Nuts on Tue, 04-03-01, 21:47

Has anyone checked out ConAgra's website yet to determine which brands we want to focus on ([url][/url])? Just post the brands you are interested in, and I will supply the ocntact info. I have one request for Kid Cuisine. Any others?

Let's start organizing this while we wait to hear back from Kellog's.


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By Philip's Mom on Wed, 04-04-01, 16:10

Just a second vote for Kid Cuisine. While I sometimes eat Healthy Choice - I don't give it to the kids.

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By Cayley's Mom on Wed, 04-11-01, 01:57

3rd vote for Kids Cuisine - I checked out our local Canadian grocery store and sure enough, the freezer is stocked to the hilt with imported Kids Cuisine products.

I'm assuming everyone's busy this week with Passover or Easter, so are we good to go for Monday or Tuesday next week on finalizing the details for the ConAgra E-mail Campaign? I know I said I wouldn't be involved (only in the planning, not in the actual emailing, of course I'll help there!), since I'm not familiar with ConAgra, but we do get these products imported, and I'm sure the incomplete labeling is imported as well.

I have discovered an interesting discrepancy in the way labeling is spelled. Canadians spell it labeLLing, while Americans spell it labeLing. Sheesh! I'll try to use mostly American spelling in the American threads, LOL!

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By Going Nuts on Wed, 04-11-01, 15:06

Yes, with my kids home this week I can't really attend to this - I'll pick up again next week .


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By ryan's mom on Sun, 04-15-01, 22:33

Are you sure you want to target Kids Cuisine. Last time I looked at the ingredient listing it seemed like there were at LEAST 70 ingredients. I put it back because there was no way I was going to stand there and read all those ingredients in microscopic print. It seems hard that even if peanuts were not listed, somewhere along the line cross-contamination would exist. It's just a thought.

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By Going Nuts on Mon, 04-16-01, 15:26

Bear with me, folks - my kid's vacation doesn't end 'til Wednesday, and they are both sick to boot. We're off to the pediatrician in a little while. So far I've targeted Kid Cuisine, Banquet, Chef Boyardee, and Healthy Choice. How does that sound?


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By on Tue, 04-17-01, 03:05

Could we also include Swiss Miss pudding? My son has eaten those previously with no problem...I never saw a PB kind and one time he had a reaction to it so I contacted them and sure enough they make a Chocolate/PB on the same lines and do not label. They also make Hunt's pudding with a PB flavor and I did not see a warning last time I checked. I know that they make Wesson cooking oils and they make a peanut oil but I did not find out yet if it is on a dedicated line. What kind of popcorn was it that contained peanut oil?...Healthy choice?

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By PattyR on Tue, 04-17-01, 03:18

I agree with Ryan's Mom about the Kids Cuisine. Too many ingredients for me...I avoid it anyway. I am all for Healthy Choice. I emailed them a few weeks ago and didn't get any response. I have heard that they use peanut products in their natural flavorings.

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By eudabi on Thu, 12-30-10, 22:57

My son (with a moderately severe peanut allergy) and soon to be 7 year old recently ate a Chicken tenders Kid Cuisine Meal and had a MAJOR reaction. Vomiting, etc. --He has had the cheeseburger Kid Cuisine Meal in the past and was fine so I am BAFFLED?! We also had a weird lip swelling incident with the product BACOS last year but no vomiting so I am thinking this was due to the processed food coloring in the BACOS. Have other children had reactions to the Kid Cuisine Meals in terms of cross peanut contamination?? Is that what you all are talking about? THank you!

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