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Computers in schools

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By BCouch on Thu, 08-12-99, 11:43

I have read a lot of great suggestions for managing peanuts allergies in school. One place where I haven't found any info is about computer terminals. In our school, all the grades use the same "lab" of terminals all throughout the day. I feel there is a great risk of exposure from kids returning from lunch etc. While asking all classes to wash there hands before using the computers is a good practice, in a 600+ student school it is next to impossible to have 100% compliance. What other steps could I take to keep the computers safe? Would wiping down with alcohol wipes work? I know bleach is the best but I'm not sure how to get it implemented. Thanks, Bridget

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By LauraP on Thu, 08-12-99, 11:57

We covered this one in my son's 504 plan for the upcoming school year. Two computer terminals will be "peanut free" for all grades, and a box of wipes will be placed next to each of these computers. Anyone (in any grade) planning to use these two terminals must wet-wipe their hands prior to use. Most schools have multiple terminals. This is a pretty easy request to implement!

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By carrie on Thu, 08-12-99, 13:28

Great idea, Laura. Being a teacher, I have thought about this many times and thought I would address this next year when he goes to kindergarten.
Does your school have a handwashing "policy" after lunch? Is there a voluntary peanut products "ban" in the school.
Thanks, Carrie

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By Greg on Thu, 08-12-99, 16:43

One other thing you might consider is getting a cover. There are some companies that make a form fitting keyboard covers designed for the particular brand. This allows you to type with the cover on. I never seen one for a mouse though, however a mouse is far easier to scrub than a keyboard.

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By Sue B on Tue, 08-24-99, 22:09

Further to Greg's suggestion of getting a keyboard cover have one that your child can carry with them to the computer lab therefor ensuring that no one else uses it and then if won't become contaminated.

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