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Coca Cola

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By jharris on Tue, 08-06-02, 18:49

Does anyone have a child who has reacted to Coca Cola? My multi-allergic son reacted today - hives on face, neck and arms before anti-histamine took effect. He was also coughing, although this sounded like a normal cough and was probably caused by the anti-histamine going down the wrong way (he coughed the first dose up).

The only other thing it could have been was salted potato chips although these area brand which is safe for peanut and tree nut allergic people.

Hives disappeared quickly once anti-histamine took effect but I have no doubt the reaction would have spread if I hadn't given it to him.

Because of the coughing I was seconds away from giving him epipen - quite scary.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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By kcmom on Tue, 08-06-02, 19:06

I actually called Coke last week and they assurred me they use no nuts, nut oils or nut extracts of any kind in their products. My dd has had this a few times with no problems.
Other things to consider, did he drink it right from a can? Could the outside of the can have been contaminated?
Was is Coke itself or a Coke product. One thing the Coke Rep did tell me was that you have to be careful and make sure to read the label of the product. He said some people mistake a product for a Coke product because there are drinks that are bottled in Coca-Cola facilities but are not actally products of the Coca-COla company, so they can not gaurantee the safety of the product. He said to look at the lable and make sure it reads 'product of the Coca-Cola company' and not just 'bottled by Coca-Cola bottling company'.
I'm sorry to hear about his reaction. I hope he's feeling better! Take care!

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By Lam on Tue, 08-06-02, 19:08

No reaction to Coke here, but just wanted to say that "that cough" is one of my son's first signs of a reaction. So far, the only two reactions he's had that qualify as anaphylactic have involved hives and coughing (neither were peanut related, BTW). The first, we used the Epi, although a lot later than we should have. The second, I gave him Benadryl immediately and went straight to the ER, ready to Epi at any moment.

Wanted to share our experience with "that cough." HTH and hope your son is much better now.

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By jharris on Thu, 08-08-02, 18:57

thanks for your feedback. The coke was from a dispenser and he used a straw (which had a wrapper) to drink it with.

Lam - re your son's cough. Did it sound different from a normal, tickly cough? I asked Tom as soon as it had stopped if it felt like there was something stuck in his throat (I guess it would feel like this if the airways were closing) or whether it was a tickly cough - he said the latter, but I guess at 4 1/2 I can't be sure he knew what I meant

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By Lam on Thu, 08-08-02, 19:22

I'd call it a "little, annoying cough" - so I'd venture to say it's probably like your "tickly" cough. It's not a full, down-deep cough, for sure. And it gets to be more frequent - not necessarily worse, meaning like a full cough.

Hope I've helped more.

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By jharris on Sat, 08-10-02, 12:08

Thanks Lam. We're going to try rubbing a bit of Coke on his arm tomorrow when he's been antihistamine free for about 4 days to see if any hives appear there (this is what our ped told us to do if we suspect a food of causing a reaction). If he doesn't react to that then I guess it was a contact reaction to a trace of something at the table - probably peanut.

Thanks for your help

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By Carefulmom on Sat, 08-10-02, 13:54

If it was from a dispenser, where there are four or five things and a different drink comes out of each, on many of those which drink comes out of which thing gets changes frequently, so risk for cross contamination is high. I used one once and put the cup against the thing for water. The water came out slightly pink. It was because earlier that day that one had been used for lemonade.

When my daughter had the reaction to the cross-contaminated Whole Soy Glace, she also had "that cough", in fact at the begining that was her only symptom. I would describe it as just one cough, but very frequent, maybe every minute. Before eating the WholeSoy she had been fine. That cough is almost always related to airway narrowing, even if you don`t hear them wheezing.

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By loberRD on Wed, 06-08-11, 04:06

I am a Registered Dietitian and also have multiple food intolerances and kids with food allergies. Our son is allergic to milk and our allergist always has kids stay away from cola while avoiding dairy. I totally forgot about the link and the possibility of him having a reaction caused by cola. Tonight he had pepsi and started with the cough, acidic stomach, and the "usual" allergic response that we get with milk/dairy foods. There will be no more cola in his future! So, yes, the cola bean is a legume and very much a potential allegenic food.

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