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By kord on Sat, 03-13-99, 03:55

My allergist told me one of his patients died because she bought Clossette raisins- meanwhile there was a Clossette peanut- You can't be too careful!

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By Mary Catherine on Sun, 03-14-99, 01:12

What is a clossette?? Anything that is "disguised" in chocolate or candy coatings I would avoid. Is that what this is?

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By dhumphries on Sun, 03-14-99, 01:17

I believe I have seen a Closette brand chocalate covered raisin. I think I have seen them in the movie theater.

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By kord on Sun, 03-14-99, 02:15

Clossette's are chocalte covered raisins and peanuts ( I am from Canada- maybe these are not in the States)

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