Clorox \"Anywhere\" remove peanut?

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By stephi13339 on Thu, 04-19-07, 16:07

OK- I know the study about Clorox wipes effectively removing peanut protein, but what about Clorox "ANYWHERE?"

Since its gentler and safer, does that mean its less effective?

I ask because last night I found a travel size bottle of Clorox "ANYWHERE" spray. I thought it would be perfect for the diaper bag. Currently I carry Clorox wipes in a travel baby wipe container. While this does work great for me, it can be a hassle. First of all, I have to make sure I don't carelessly mix up the Clorox wipes and the baby wipes. OUCH!! Also, I have to rewipe the surface with a baby wipe after I use the Clorox wipe. With the ANYWHERE spray, no rinsing is required.

Any thoughts?

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By kelly01 on Thu, 04-19-07, 16:58

I believe it is the combination of soap and scrubbing that removes the protein...not the bleach. Peanut protein is not a virus, so a disinfectant (like Clorox) on its own does nothing. If you are using the spray to loosen the residue and then wiping it down with something I would think it would be just as effective as a Clorox wipe (which again I believe is effective because you are rubbing and removing the protein...not because it is a disinfectant).

I was always under the impression that hot soapy water was the best method (although not always convenient...hence the use of wipes).


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