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Class mom for non-PA sibling? - opinions needed

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By mcmom on Sun, 01-29-06, 03:41

Next year my PA son will be in his fourth year at his school (2nd grade). Every year I have either been his class mom, or just attended every class party. Next year will be his last one at this school, he'll move on to the 3-6 grade school.

I have a non-FA child who is two years younger who started school this year. Already he is jealous of the fact that I get to go to all of his brother's class parties and trips. I'm thinking that I would like to be the class mom for his class next year - it will be the last year that both boys will be in the same school for a while, so it will be my only chance to do it and still be able to be "around" on party days to check in on my PA son.

Do you think that it would be safe to leave PA son on his own during a class party? Of course I would check the food beforehand, and I always make him his own cupcake/whatever is being served. I feel guilty for wanting to do something for my other child, yet I feel guilty that I am always doing for my PA son. I do know that I am the only mom of a PA child who attends all of the parties. The other moms seem to trust the teachers/class parents to monitor.

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By Saralinda on Wed, 09-05-12, 21:53

Yes! Go for it. The younger child needs to feel that his mom loves him just as much as the older child. I had my first PA reaction when I was in first grade. By the time I was in 2nd grade, I knew enough about my allergies to go to school that had no accommodations for allergic kids (50+ years ago). I survived very well. I learned to question all snacks and to never share lunches. The sooner you empower your kid to handle his own allergies, the more competent he will become and less he will feel ostrasized.

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By Saralinda on Sat, 09-08-12, 17:15

Could someone PLEASE do something about these off topic posts?

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