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Class 2 Allergy

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By nomorenutz on Fri, 10-28-05, 19:59

I'm new to posting, but have been reading alot the past 2 weeks. My 15 Month old son had a reaction after eating sliced apples with a smidge of peanut butter (less than a teaspoon total). His lips and eyes swelled up -- took him to ER and they gave Benadryl and Orepred and he was fine within about 30 minutes. We took him for testing and he tested negative to apples and positive (class 2) to peanuts. I'm just trying to figure out what that means exactly. Obviously, I've read all about cross contamination and what all peanuts can be in, but could that small amount cause anaphylaxis in someone who is class 2? I will do whatever it takes to keep him safe, but also don't want to go unnecessarily overboard and not enjoy life...Since he's only 15 months, it's pretty easy to control what actually goes into his mouth, but it'a little harder with what people around him eat. Do you think he could be affected by someone else eating peanuts around him, what about may contains? We meet with the allergist again on Monday, so maybe some of these will be answered then.
Thanks for your help!!!

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By Darkmage on Fri, 10-28-05, 21:24

My son tested out as a class 2 also. His first reaction was at 18 months, but his reaction was not as bad as your son's was. It was just hives and a slight fever that went away on their own in about an hour.

We didn't have him tested until age 3. Up to that point, my dh ate PB on toast at breakfast about 4 days a week. Never seemed to bother ds. We no longer have any peanuts/peanut products in the house. He is 5 now.

My allergist said that even tho he tested out fairly low (class 2), that does not rule out a severe reaction.

I'd say do everything you can to keep your little one safe. It is much easier at his age because you have a lot of control over what he eats. You'll have some challenges once school starts, but a lot of people here have already been thru it, so you are not alone.

Best of luck!

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By nomorenutz on Fri, 10-28-05, 22:24

Is your son still class 2? I'm kind of hoping that such a low classification means maybe he'll grow out of it???

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By Cricket on Fri, 10-28-05, 23:38

Of course, I don't know what is typical, but here's some anecdotal evidence. My daughter tested class I allergy to macadamia nuts and still had a full blown reaction to them. In fact the first allergiest said bcs it was only Class 1, she must not really be allergic to it, it must have been something else. The second allergist we saw, retested her and confirmed the allergy. For whatever reason, she tests very low to it, class 1 both times, but the allergist said she had anaphyl. reaction to it when she ate it.

And just to be even more confusing, she has a class 2 test result to another kind of food, but can eat it just fine.

RAST/SPT tests really can only tell whether antibodies are present, as far as i can tell, the results alone aren't helpful in quantifying how severe a reaction can be for any given person.

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By shannon on Sat, 10-29-05, 02:25

My son had his first reaction to 1 bite of a peanut butter girl scout cookie, he had hives, facial swelling, swelling in his mouth, vomiting and trouble breathing, we took him to the ER and they treated him with an epi injection and benadryl. when he was tested, it was a blood test (which i beleive is a rast test) and he tested a high 2. He had a simular reaction when someone who didn't know handed him a nutter butter, he ate one bite before I took it away, that was when he was three. He is now six and recently reacted with swelling and hives where I touched him after eating peanuts and not washing my hands well enough.

My advice would be to be very cautious, but only you can determine your comfort level and what is right for your child.

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By Darkmage on Sat, 10-29-05, 20:19

Quote:Originally posted by nomorenutz:
[b]Is your son still class 2? I'm kind of hoping that such a low classification means maybe he'll grow out of it???[/b]

I don't know. We haven't had him tested since the first time. We plan on going in for a second test sometime early next year. I am hoping the same thing, but I'm trying to get myself to believe that his numbers will be higher so it won't be so much of a blow if they are. KWIM?

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