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Chinese Food cookbook?

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By Lori Jo on Sat, 09-29-07, 16:54

We recently adopted a son from China. I would love to expose him to food from his native country, but for PA reasons, the local Chinese restaurant is out. Also, we live 1 1/2 hours from a large city, so getting truly authentic ingredients from an Asian market is not very practical.

With that said, anyone know of a good cookbook that I could use?

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By lj on Sun, 09-30-07, 01:23

How about Ming Tsai's cookbook.

I like anything he does. He has a child with multiple food allergies and is active in the food-allergic community. I used to love to watch him on the Food Network.

He also owns a restaurant, Blue Ginger, in Massachusetts that is known for being food allergy-friendly.

Good luck and congrats!


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By d's mom on Thu, 01-03-08, 05:15

My sister was just telling me she made sweet and sour chicken balls from the Company's Coming Chinese Cookbook, and they were delicious.

I've never read the chinese cookbook, but I have about 6 other Company's Coming cookbooks and I love them all.

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By joyojoy on Thu, 01-03-08, 17:06

I know Japanese is not the same as Chinese, but we eat at Japanese restaurants all the time (we had our Christmas Dinner at Benni Hana!) because they do not commonly use peanuts in their cooking, and much of the cuisine is very similar.

We've actually eaten at Chinese restaurants as well, with no problems: it just depends on how well you can communicate with the staff (English is often a big issue).

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