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Chick peas & Lentils...new allergy

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By disneycruising on Sat, 08-09-08, 04:54

My DS's RAST came back positive for chick peas and lentils. Is anyone else dealling with this allergy? I would love for someone to share their experience with us.

He is also allergic to PA, TA, & annatto...but we have been dealing with for a long time.

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By mpeters on Sun, 08-10-08, 15:17

We have also been dealing with PA fo a long time and have acquired new allergies in the past couple of years.

My daughter also is allergic to chickpeas and lentils, along with several other legumes including soy and peas and some beans. She has lip, tongue and throat swelling with these. Her reaction occurs within minutes of eating the item so we can usually pinpoint the culprit. Her allergist calls it mild anaphylaxis and warns us to be cautious because it could get worse.

So far, we have been able to treat her with Benadryl for any of the pea, bean or soy reactions, but could use epi if needed.

At school she has two food allergy action plans, one for peanut and one for the other legumes. The soy, pea and bean plan allows her to start with Benadryl and use epi only if the larger systems become involved (vomiting, wheezing, heart rate etc.)
Her peanut plan goes straight to epinephrine. Ask your doctor how your son's plan should be handled.

We are avoiding the legumes she has reacted to. It is difficult because you have to read entire ingredient labels, and believe me, I still mess up frequently.

If your son turns out to be allergic to soy also you will have to eliminate a lot of ready made and fast foods. I use the internet to check fast food ingredients.

The good news is that sometimes the things that show positive on the RAST do not cause an obvious reaction. And although they should still be avoided, may not be cause for great concern. For example, my daughter tests positive on some of the tree nuts, but has never reacted.

Good luck!

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By MommyOfTwo on Sun, 08-10-08, 15:26

I don't have any experience but just wanted to say I'm sorry about the additional allergies. It must be so tough when the allergy is not part of the top 8 to make sure there is no exposure.

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By seaside on Thu, 08-21-08, 18:54

My son is allergic to Lentils and Chick Peas. He is also allergic to Beans and Peas.

Some pasta is made with Chick Peas. Be careful of those. We also have to be very careful with anything that has a orange dye to it. Some cheese is colored with Vegatable Coloring. We also can only get gold label Tuna Fish. All can Tuna Fish is acctually make with Vegatable Broth, although it says packed in water. I called and they said that they just use any vegatables that they have on hand, and beans and peas are on the list.

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By mpeters on Fri, 08-22-08, 13:20

We actually discovered the chick pea and lentil allergy through a reaction to pasta.

We have also been struggling to find a tuna we can use. (mostly because they have soy in many of them) Thanks for the info on the gold label.

Another warning is to be careful of the refried beans at mexican restaurants. Years before we knew about the legume allergies, my daughter reacted severely after eating out at a mexican restaurant. She hadn't eaten the beans but they were on her plate and must have touched what she did eat. She had an anaphylactic reaction.

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By seaside on Fri, 08-22-08, 19:00

I am looking at a can of tuna right now. It is Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore prime fillet in water. The can is Gold on top, and black on the bottom. The label lists:

White Tuna, water, salt, and pyrophosphate added.

We also use Member's Mark Premium Chunk Chicken Breast in Water. The All Natural can. The label list:

Chicken Breast Meat, water, and salt. It is from Sam's Club. It is great for making chicken salad, or on a busy night I just give it to the kids with a can of vegatables warmed in the micro wave. Quick and healthy.

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