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Chick peas

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By bakermom on Wed, 02-09-00, 13:56

Are chick peas in the legume family? Has anyone fed these to their peanut allergic child? What about sunflower seeds? Can your PA child eat seeds?

Thanks for your help!

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By Diane on Wed, 02-09-00, 15:34

Andrea; yes, they are in the legume family. I believe that green beans are too. My 3 yr old PA daughter has not had an allergic reaction to either of them though. She loves green beans. So far, she reacts to peanuts only. I have not given her sunflower seeds. She has eaten seeds on bagels and rolls (poppy,etc.) although she really doesn't like them. I have to take the seeds off if there are no plain ones.

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By Kathryn on Wed, 02-09-00, 22:52

Hi, my son and brother who are groundnut (peanut) and tree nut ( walnuts, almonds etc.) allergic can both eat chick peas and sunflower seeds. In fact my brother who is vegetarian eats a lot of chick peas! Why don't you request that your child be tested. I had my son tested even though I doubted that there would be a problem because I wanted to know for sure before giving them to him.

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By Sylvie on Wed, 03-01-00, 20:15

[quote]Originally posted by bakermom:
[B]Are chick peas in the legume family? Has anyone fed these to their peanut allergic child? What about sunflower seeds? Can your PA child eat seeds?


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By KatieS on Wed, 03-01-00, 20:49

I am PA and nut allergic and have experienced a slight itchy throat a few times after having chick peas. Never any major reactions, though.


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By clairewise on Mon, 05-10-10, 17:41

My daughter is allergic to peanuts and has not reacted to anything BUT peanuts. Although, today I had a salad with sunflower seeds and toasted sesame seeds on it and she wouldn't eat it, said it smelled yucky and was scared of it. I know toasted sesame seeds smell really nutty, so that might have been it, but I always wonder about Mother Nature's gift of a natural aversion in children with allergies... so she may have been avoiding them due to her allergy and natural aversion. She has had hummus with no reaction.

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By Tamie on Wed, 06-09-10, 14:47

My daughter is peanut and tree nut allergic. Her allergist said to stay away from sesame seeds and chick peas. She has tried sunflower butter (but is nervous of it, maybe because it looks so much like p.n. butter, idk). She has eaten chips made with sunflower oil many times with no problems.

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By ghazelwood on Thu, 06-10-10, 00:20

my 4 yr old is allergic to peanuts only - he's had lots of homemade hummus from chick peas and sunbutter (sun flower seeds) with no issue for the last 2 yrs.

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By Chelsea K. Sonksen on Tue, 10-23-12, 21:09

Hi Bakermom,

Yes, chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, are in the legume family (like peanuts). But most peanut allergic people have no issues eating chick peas.

I would caution you to be careful if you buy store-made hummus though (which is also made from chickpeas). Occasionally the tahini in hummus is processed in a factory that processes peanut butter. Just something to be aware of and keep on your radar.

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