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Cherry Brook Kitchen in Real Simple Magazine

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By margaret on Sat, 09-23-06, 00:13

Cherry Brook Kitchen got the first place for the best brownie mix from Real Simple Magazine. I was so psyched to see that - I just had to share. Wow, a safe food that could actually go mainstream with a little free advertising! The story also mentioned the allergen free status of the mix, proving to everyone out there, that allergy free can taste good too!


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By jtolpin on Tue, 09-26-06, 16:05

WTG Patsy!


[b]* Obsessed * [/b]

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By dgood on Sat, 10-14-06, 00:25

I sent away for some boxes and I can tell you they are so good. I warmed up some Betty Crocker chocolate icing and drizzled it over the brownies and dashed some round sprinkles over the icing. SO GOOD. I wasn't crazy about their cakes (they are good but I like my homemade ones better) but the brownies are really really good!!!

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