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Cheap Epipen on Ebay...

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By PeteFerraro on Fri, 02-11-05, 01:17


Pete Ferraro

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By on Fri, 02-11-05, 01:23

That's kind of scary. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img]

I think I'll keep buying my medicines from someone licenced to sell them. I don't think I want to trust e-bay for life-saving meds. (Just my opinion.)

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By renny on Fri, 02-11-05, 01:27

Isn't that illegal, selling meds on Ebay?
I agree AnnaMarie,very scary.

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By Naturemom on Fri, 02-11-05, 01:27

How very odd! I looked to see what else she has for sale (just curious). . . nothing else, just the 1 epi-pen with starting bids at $1.00. A bit unsettling.

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By e-mom on Fri, 02-11-05, 01:28

Quote:Originally posted by renny:
[b]Isn't that illegal, selling meds on Ebay?
I agree AnnaMarie,very scary.[/b]

This is exactly what I was just thinking [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img]

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By PeteFerraro on Fri, 02-11-05, 01:49

It might scary and illegal, but if you were a parent that needed one and didn't have the $100, it might be a risk that was too good to pass up.

That's why I posted it.

Pete Ferraro

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By on Fri, 02-11-05, 04:38

Pete, I can understand why you posted it and I guess if you got it for $1.00 - but then no, how would you know it had not been tampered with? No.

Also, kinda like buying drugs on the street. I mean they do sell prescription drugs on the street. Scary stuff.

And the illegality of it.

If someone does not have the $100.00 for one, I would check out the thread under TAKE ACTION re low-income and see if there are any pointers.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By becca on Fri, 02-11-05, 04:42

Makes me think of the few or 4 I froze in the car with really good dates left. Looked fine. easy to sell if legal, but I would never of course. How on earth would you ever know anything about thtis epipen and why the person has it to sell??? Weird. becca

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By Carefulmom on Fri, 02-11-05, 04:43

I emailed the seller and asked where he got it and why he is selling it. This was his response.
"My daughter was in the hospital to be desentisized to an anitbiotic she was allergic to. They gave us the epipens just in case she had a reaction, which she didnt."

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By becca on Fri, 02-11-05, 04:51

So give it to someone you know. Period. Just creepy to sell it. becca

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By Carefulmom on Fri, 02-11-05, 05:09

I used to work for a drug testing company. Companies like Walmart, Sears, Home Depot, and many others drug test their employees. Our job was to talk to anyone who had drugs in their urine to determine if there was a medical explanation. Our company handled 90% of the positive drug tests in the U.S. It is illegal to take a prescription medication that was not prescribed to you. I am sure of this. Can`t say if it is illegal for this guy to sell it, but for me to bid on it, and administer it to my dd when it was not prescribed to her is illegal. In fact there was some story on this board a year or two ago, about one asthmatic student who let another asthmatic student use his albuterol inhaler because she had forgotten hers. He was charged with illegally dispensing drugs or something like that. All of us on this board were horrified as it was not like he gave her codeine or something.

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By on Fri, 02-11-05, 05:19

Carefulmom, I understand what you're saying.

However, I agree with becca. Even though it would be illegal, if I knew someone did not have an Epi-pen and they needed one, I would give it to them. The same with asthma meds. If someone's child was taking the same medication as my child and the parents simply could not afford to get the prescription filled, I would give them some out of my stockpile of asthma meds in the cupboard.

Understanding that it is wrong and illegal, but it would have to be something that was, as becca said or suggested "between friends".

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By samirosenjacken on Fri, 02-11-05, 17:39

I found this on ebay:

Prescriptions for humans

eBay does not permit the listing of any controlled drug or item that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner (such as a doctor, dentist, or optometrist) to dispense.

I think this is extremely dangerous. I understand that maybe the buyer doesn't have $$ for an epi pen, but this is not the way to buy it. This pen could have been exposed to excessive heat or cold which will render it useless. The person buying it will think it's safe when it's not. It could have been tampered with as well.

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By momma2boys on Fri, 02-11-05, 17:58

The auction was removed

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By Carefulmom on Fri, 02-11-05, 18:58

I cannot believe this!!! I had emailed the seller asking why she was selling the epipens, and I had posted her response. I just got the following email from her:

"Ebay pulled my auction of the epipens. Apparently they dont allow selling them on ebay. Are you interested in buying them directly from me?


I`d sort of like to email her the risks in buying them off ebay or from a total stranger....

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By renny on Fri, 02-11-05, 19:03

Anything for a buck I guess. Probably should e-mail her and tell her she can get arrested.

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By DankInTheTank on Mon, 04-09-12, 17:03

What a bunch of crap! Why not purchase an epipen from someone online that has good reviews of course.. If you are going to sell or buy just make sure they have a stellar reputation-- if you don't know of the pens history don't buy or sell. If you purchased the pen new and took care of it, and the expiration date is within standard then I say - sell it!

Not everyone has insurance, and some just want to pay less. Don't be such WANKERS

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