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CHARLESTON, South Carolina

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By ajas_folks on Tue, 05-31-05, 17:02

We're travelling there for 2 weeks in June & would appreciate any suggestions for restaurants & other PA-friendly things you've done there! (I used to live there, so I know the area pretty well -- except for the fact that Mt. Pleasant seems to now go on & on, about 1/2-way to Myrtle Beach it seems!)

Thanks for any info you may have!

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By Adele on Tue, 05-31-05, 21:15

Hi Elizabeth,

You're in luck - if you like ribs or chicken. The operating manager (Matt) for the 'Sticky Fingers Restaurant' in downtown Charleston is PA. The wait staff is very informed about PA and will tell you what Matt can or can't eat on the menu. There are some TN items on the dessert list. If Matt is on duty, ask if he'll come and talk to you....maybe he'll give you some tips for other restaurants in Charleston. He recommended a place for breakfast but I don't remember the name of it. He's about 30 and has been PA all his life. Really nice guy. I ate there 4 or 5 nights in a row! Sticky Fingers is casual and serves great ribs, chicken, etc. There is another Sticky Fingers in Mt. Pleasant but the only one that I know is PA friendly is the downtown CHS one.

If you lived in the area then you must know of Hyman's just a few doors down from Sticky Fingers. Great food but not for PA people. When they bring you the menu, they'll also bring you a dish of boiled peanuts.

Heads-up....Gilligan's restaurants (there's one on the Savannah Hwy south of Charleston) cook their hush puppies in PN oil. I wonder if hush puppies are commonly cooked in PN oil in other SC restaurants?

Charleston Place Hotel (it used to be called The Omni...right around the corner from Sticky Fingers) has a grill-type restaurant that I've heard is PA aware. I think there might be mention of this place in the travel section. If you enter 'Charleston' into search, perhaps you'll find it.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip.
Cheers, Adele

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By CorinneM1 on Thu, 06-02-05, 03:33


Upon your return, can you please post a recap of your trip and recommendations? The family and I have been interested in going to Charleston for a few years now and would love to hear about sites, places to eat, things to see etc.

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By langleykat on Thu, 06-30-05, 02:30

Hi - we're in Mt. Pleasant and our son is peanut and tree nut allergic. That is so great to know about Sticky Fingers! So thank you for posting that! I love it but we have a hard time finding a safe place to take our son.
Also very good to know about Gilligans - we've been there also and there are a few of those around the area.
We actually had a really good experience at the Mt. Pleasant Outback also just a few weeks ago.

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By langleykat on Thu, 06-30-05, 02:33

By the way I've also been to Hyman's (without the kid) but still FREAKED out when they brought out the boiled peanuts as soon as we sat down.

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By ajas_folks on Thu, 10-26-06, 19:57

Was re-reading the Charleston threads & realized I never posted any report to this thread about food there, etc.

First of all, Aquarium is fabulous. Hands on exhibits for kids (ours are now 5 & 8) and we've been back to Aquarium x2.

When we go for length of time (week or two), we rent a house out on Sullivan's Island. Just my personal preference as to location. I don't care for Folly & Isle of Palms has too may tourists & golfers in ugly pants with bad behavior.

When we go for long weekend, we stay at one of the suites hotels on Isle Of Palms connector. There is a Homewod Suites and a Marriott Residence Inn that we've been OK with.

As for food, we still mostly cook for kids ourselves (but there is a Papa John's nearby in Mt Pleasant that delivers, yippee!). For adults we brought in from various places such as Sticky Fingers, Station 22 (Sullivan's Island, best Coconut Cake on planet -- get double the pieces so you can have one for breakfast next morning), BoatHouse on Isle of Palms has scrumptious seafood & will do take out ONLY if you order & pick up betweeen 5 & 5:30.

When we used to go (prior to kids) we would stay at one of B&B's downtown. There are oodles of them, but I don't know what I would recommend nowadays, as it's been awhile. *SIGH*

The NEW NEW Cooper River Bridge (A P Ravenel Bridge) is now open & is spectacular and a JOY to drive over. For those who have any experience driving the "old" Coop & the once
"New" Cooper River bridges, those days of hyperventilation-as-you-drive are over.

The Ashley Landing historic site west of the Ashley has been very recently renovated & has nice museum & exhibits. Good to take family & a picnic. Also bring mosquito spray. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]

That's just a rambling of some thoughts I have about trips we've done there recently.

I just love Charleston, can you tell?!


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By Adele on Thu, 10-26-06, 23:07

Thanks for your update Elizabeth.

I forgot to add, after I was in Charleston last February, that Matt, the manager with PA, is no longer at the downtown Sticky Fingers but they were still very allergy aware. I ate dinner there almost every night that week.

I'll be there again next February and will post what I find.

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