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Chapped lips or reaction?

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By Greenlady on Wed, 03-28-07, 13:46

Once again, thank goodness for this forum. Nowhere else I could ask this question without people looking at me as if I were crazy.

DS has had sore looking lips for more than a month now, with a pink/reddish ring around the edges. At first I assumed it was chapped lips - he would keep licking them, which of course made it worse. I put chapstick on whenever I saw him do it, but he won't use it himself at school.

When the weather warmed up last week, I was glad to see it disappear, but then last night I noticed it again, just a little bit.

I'm starting to wonder if this is some type of allergic reaction? I can't think of any new foods he's been eating. Has anyone else experienced this?

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By Corvallis Mom on Wed, 03-28-07, 14:18

If he's got eczema problems, I would definitely say it is possible. Could even be an environmental cause this time of year, KWIM?

This is the first indication we have with DD that we have to back off of dairy.... if we don't, she'll begin having much more obvious symptoms (hives around her mouth and nose, and eventually other places too, and gastrointestinal issues). The first thing she notices is the itching of her lips. They turn bright red and puffy.

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By sebastian on Sun, 04-01-07, 07:41

My daughter had this really bad at 2..her upper lip was always swollen and red. Her Dr. called it "liplicker syndrome."
She also has exzcema and allergies so it may have been related to that as well.


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