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change of ingredients

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By rscollo2 on Wed, 06-21-00, 16:17

Just a reminder to all to ALWAYS CHECK those ingredients!! I was starting to open my sons favorite cookies yesterday and just before giving them to him read the label--it contained eggs. I admit sometimes not reading the label in the store if it is a product I use time after time. I am in the habit of reading everytime I open a package for the first time at home. However this one almost got by me!!! READ THOSE LABELS!

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By rscollo2 on Thu, 06-22-00, 16:04

Oops! I should have mentioned the cookie!
Its "gerber graduates" banana cookies. They added lecithen to the ingredients. Actually seeing that babies before 1yr old are eating these cookies, I can't imagine why they added this?

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By san103 on Thu, 06-22-00, 22:41

What type of lecithen did they add? Soy lecithen is in baby rice cereal -- the first solid food that you feed to your baby. It is supposed to by hypoallergenic, except perhaps to those with severe soy allergies.

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By Scooby on Fri, 06-23-00, 00:43

The lecithen is probably soy, not egg. I read an article recently that said in the US only soy-based lecithin is approved for use in food. Unfortunately, I can't recall where is saw this to know if it was from a trustworthy source. My 2 1/2 year old son is severely allergic to egg and milk, as well as peanuts, and I have yet to come across a product containing egg lecithen.

I have heard that lecithen can also be an ingredient in lotions and soaps. As always, please contact the manufacturer just to be sure.

Please be careful with Gerber products. They have a lot of products containing egg and milk that are marketed for babies. I'm sure you are aware that it's not recommended to give these food to babies under one year of age (including those without allergies).

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By rscollo2 on Fri, 06-23-00, 23:24

Hi again!
It just stated "lecithin" If it was soy lecithin wouldn't it state "soy lecithin"?
Geez, I hope I haven't been reading my labels wrong all this time! Since my child is egg allergic in addition to many others, I avoid any product with "lecithin" but go ahead with the soy lecithin. Can anyone clear this up?

Thanks, Robyn

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