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Cell that Triggers Allergic Symptoms can also Limit Damage

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By Corvallis Mom on Mon, 09-03-07, 03:40


Very interesting study that looks at the dual role that mast cells play in immune function.

Source: Stanford University Medical Center
Date: September 2, 2007

Cell That Triggers Symptoms In Allergy Attacks Can Also Limit Damage, Scientists Find
Science Daily

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By niche on Mon, 09-10-07, 21:06

Thanks for posting. My mother has RA and my son has PA, TNA...


DD 1 ??????

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By LisaM on Mon, 09-10-07, 21:14

Thanks for posting this.

Does anyone know whether people with allergies tend to have more mast cells? Or are our mast cells more reactive?

I've read that people with allergies have less of a chance of getting cancer (this isn't proven . . . but I think some studies suggest this). Maybe this finding has something to do with the protective function of mast cells?

This is why I'm a bit skeptical about drugs which mess with the immune system (I'm not talking about antihistamines here---more like Xolair, Singulair) I'd just worry that there's some little understood immune function that the drugs are interfering with.

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