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celebrity PA ... son of sarah jessica parker

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By ctmartin on Thu, 06-19-08, 20:40

did anyone else hear that sarah jessica parker's son james wilkie has a peanut allergy? my mom said that she was watching one of the morning talk shows and matthew broderick (husband of SJP and father of james) mentioned it. funny i had never heard/read anything about it anywhere before ...

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By tommysmommy on Thu, 06-26-08, 14:27


the above link has a post (scroll down a bit) listing many celebs/celb. children with food allergies. very interesting, and yes, james wilkie is mentioned.

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By ctmartin on Thu, 06-26-08, 18:33

ha! funny you should post this link ... after my original post, i found it as well. add to the list ... dr. manny from cnn. i was watching a segment he did about epi pens and he kept mentioning his son with PA.

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