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Carvel Ice Cream Cakes

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By L&Mojoe on Wed, 08-16-00, 12:56

Monday was my son's second birthday. Although I had a special cake made for my son, I did contact Carvel to ask about possible peanut contamination of their ice cream cakes. They gave me an answer that I was satisfied with.

(I deleted most of my post because I just realized that it is not legal to share information without permission from the writer).

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By BENSMOM on Wed, 08-16-00, 16:19

Wow, sounds great! My son't birthday is coming up next month. I usually get a cake from Costco, but they make carrot cake which would have walnuts, and since he's reacted to walnuts, I'm not sure I feel good about that. But Carvel seemed to really be allergy aware. Thanks for the info.

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By on Thu, 08-17-00, 02:59

Bensmom - Is costco a good place for cakes? I used to get them b/4 I found out my daughter was PA? I would love to know your experience. Thanks

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By redtruck on Fri, 08-18-00, 02:14

I'll have to check out the Carvel ice cream cakes i have seen at a local supermarket here in Toronto area. but that sounds good so far!

As far as costco goes, I know that here in the toronto canada area, they make two products in their bakery with nuts (macadamium choc. chip cookies, and an almond cookie) which unfortunately contaminates their lines (as they have told me) which is a real shame... The whole bakery can be nut free if it werent for those two items!
It is difficult to contact them by phone or email or i would suggest letting them know about this and urge them to either only produce these items at one location and deliver to others or not have these two items made there.

Oh well, next time youre there, ask to speak to the baker and let them know about how it would be much safer for many more people if they eliminated these items or made them in a separate facility or machine...and if enough people tell them, then they mite consdier changing!

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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Sat, 08-26-00, 14:11


I sent you an e mail with this text also but I wanted to post it here so others will see it also.

>>I want to be sure you understand that a letter sent to you is different from copying text directly from say, a magazine article ...

Stay Safe,

[email]"[email protected]"[/email]

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By L&Mojoe on Mon, 08-28-00, 14:03

I just received your email and sent one back to you.

Carvel mentioned legal action if I did not remove my post from this website and then notify them exactly where and when I did. So it is okay to post word for word an email or letter that was sent/received but it is not okay to copy a magazine or newspaper article without permission?

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By Yankee on Mon, 08-28-00, 16:18

I have eaten Carvel ice cream and ice cream cakes with no problem whatsoever. It is the only ice cream I feel comfortable eating.

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By tkiaml on Tue, 08-29-00, 01:11

Pardon me if I come across really stupid...but did I miss something here???? Why would Carvel mind what you posted...it sounded like a positive statement and others seemed to be inclined to use their products.
Sorry if I'm an idiot and didn't follow this correctly. tkiaml

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By L&Mojoe on Tue, 08-29-00, 12:59

I don't know what the problem w/Carvel is, frankly. They sent me a great email, which I posted here. When they found out, I got into trouble. They told me to delete it ASAP. Anyway, the first email they sent me basically spelled out their manufacturing process to the last detail. They are very conscience of the peanut allergy. I'm still confused as to what can and not be posted on a website with regards to emails, newspaper articles, etc. I am such a stickler for playing by the rules (like copyrights), and I feel awful that I did something that was construed as illegal. If anyone wants to know about Carvel's manufacturing process, go to their website. And please, don't tell them that I sent you there! Who knows what might happen to me [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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By redtruck on Tue, 08-29-00, 15:09

I dont understand what the problem is with posting messages about a company on a discussion board. Secondly, if they sent you a letter/email, then you can do whatever you want with it.
Third, if this is really the story, then piss on Carvel...who needs 'em!

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By Heather on Wed, 08-01-01, 20:51

Here's the thread about Carvel.

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