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Carnival Cruise with PA

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By MEKC on Thu, 02-08-07, 16:29

I'm going on a Carnival Cruise for spring break. I filled out the paperwork alerting them of my tree nut, shellfish and peanut allergies. Has anyone gone on a Carnival cruise? How was the dining situation? Thanks!

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By Kathy L. on Fri, 02-09-07, 01:29

Hi MEKC. Try posting your question under "Travel" or the main board. There are definitely people who've cruised. I remember reading posts. You could also try to search for them. I recall some had good and others not so good experiences.

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By kandomom on Fri, 02-09-07, 16:19

You can also use the search option to look for posts about Carnival Cruise.

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By Mrsdocrse on Sun, 02-18-07, 01:29

I have been on a carnival cruise but with out my PA son. I did go one a Disney Cruise with him and they were fantastic!!!

I would contact them ahead of time.. I had to fillout forms and them I met with the "dietician manager" on board. They had several families with several food allergies and took it in strife so I bet carnival has a sinimlar set up..
good luck let us know how you make out

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