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Cape Cod Potato Chips

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By ceross on Fri, 12-29-06, 04:41

I tried searching but could not come up with any previous threads. Does anyone have any experience with them? I just went to their site and they don't use peanut oil but I seem to remember that the site previously said they could only guarantee that the chips made in Hyannis (marked with an H code) were peanut free. The site now indicates that they were purchased by Lance in 1999.

Checking Lance's site, I'm not sure how well they "get" allergy issues. You can search their site for peanut and nut free items; however, within the list of items are those that are "also processed..." items. Personally, I wouldn't call that peanut free. Also, they say they're a member of FAN and link to the FAAN web site. I know that's a minor editorial issue but still details matter.

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By tidina on Fri, 12-29-06, 14:54

my friend eats them, my son had 1

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By JenEmm on Fri, 12-29-06, 17:11

I am in Canada and eat these all the time-without problem. They have a reduced fat version of the original flavor as well. The BBQ chips has a smokey flavor to them.

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By Alyssasmom on Fri, 12-29-06, 17:41

We went to Hyannis this past summer and took a tour of the factory. They were very allergy aware and make only potato chips and popcorn at that site. There are no peanut/tree nut ingredients in any of their products. My dd has been eating the chips w/ no problems.

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By ajgauthier on Fri, 12-29-06, 18:59

I eat bags and bags of these when back home (MA)...can't find them out here in Arizona


They are my most favorite potato chip! No reaction issues ever with me.


30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

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By yuck2nuts on Thu, 01-04-07, 18:35

The last time I checked with them (which was a while ago) I was told that if the code on the package starts with an "H" then it is safe because it was made at their Hyannis (nut-free) plant, but if the codes starts with an "L" or other letter, they cannot guarentee the safety because it is not made at their main Hyannis plant. We have only purchased "H" coded products for many years and have had no problem.

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By ceross on Fri, 01-05-07, 18:47

Unfortunately, all the packages I've seen here in Northern Virginia are marked with an "L". We did recently attend Boo at the Zoo at the National Zoo where we got samples of Cape Cod marked with an "H". DD ate those (and loved them) without any problems.

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By tidina on Sat, 01-06-07, 00:35

have you called recently? when i called months ago i wasnt told about any such code. i think that is the old way of doing things. now people usually tell you yes its safe or no its not. the only times i go by codes is with the nut free codes for hostess cakes/donuts and kikkoman soy sauce which told me the Waltham plant is nut free. i still havent given my son any soy sauce though. use to use it all the time. he is not soy allergic though.

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By thesamman on Mon, 07-30-12, 13:59

An email response from the customer service at Cape Cod Potato Chips, July 2012:
"None of our products have contact with peanuts, peanut oil or tree nuts."

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