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canola and safflower oil

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By bakermom on Tue, 02-29-00, 14:47

a friend just told me that canola oil is often contaminated with peanut oil. Has anyone got any information about this? Also do any of you use safflower oil? I was using it and now think that my son might be allergic to it. Thanks!


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By Kathryn on Tue, 02-29-00, 16:11

Hi, did your friend say how canola oil might become contaminated and why if it was it would not be labeled differently than uncontaminated oil? I do use canola oil and rely on the labelling complying with Canadian federal regulations. I would be interested in more information but at this point I am a little skeptical about the odds for contamination of this kind of product unless perhaps it is a brand name specific concern and the two oils are made in the same factory? Let me know what you find out and I'm glad you're following up on this. Take care.

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By canada on Tue, 02-29-00, 17:47

FYI peanut oil is according to gvm't regulations is produced independently of all other oils. The CFIA is well aware of the dangers of cross contamination and therefore
has serious guidelines as to how peanut oil is produced. Was your friend worried about packaging oils? Peanut oil, refined shouls not pose a risk for peanut allergic poeple. The danger lies in cold pressed, unrefined, extruded type of peanut oil. The use of peanut oil must be written on all labels. They can not use the natural flavour or other such thing to hide peanut use.

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By LMKS on Thu, 03-23-00, 04:03

BAKERMOM....Did you ever find out if your son is allergic to safflower oil? My 3yr old PA son reacted severely to a cracker which had seasame seeds & safflower oil in it. I now know he is allergic to sesame seeds.... but I still don't know what safflower oil is? I am still wondering if he could have been allergic to the safflower oil too?? Just wondering if anyone knows anything about safflower oil?

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By Cindia on Sun, 03-04-01, 23:42

I justed wanted to know what a canola is anyway. A seed? A nut? I am absolutely clueless.

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By rebekahc on Mon, 03-05-01, 06:16

LMKS - I don't know about the safflower oil, but I just found out that cottonseed oil and canola oil are closely related to sesame seeds. Logan has always complained that potato chips fried in cottonseed oil make his lips hurt, but I thought it was from all the salt. He had a mystery anaphylactic reaction to pretzels a couple of months ago. Now that I learned about the cottonseed oil I checked that label and sure enough it was in those pretzels!

We've been using canola oil with no problems for about 18 months now.


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By CarsonsMom on Mon, 03-05-01, 20:09


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By Mom to Cayley on Mon, 03-05-01, 20:47

Cindia - I finally found the info on Canola oil for you!

The canola plant is a generic variation of rapeseed, an oilseed crop that's part of the mustard family and that's grown primarily in Western Canada. The reason you haven't heard of it is it only accounts for 7% of the cooking oil sold in the U.S. Canola is named after its country of origin - CANadian Oil Low Acid - CANOLA.

Here is some info on its allergic potential:

Pure oil is non-allergenic. In order to trigger an allergic reaction, a protein must be present. In the case of oils, occasionally a small amount of protein from the grain, nut or seed from which the oil is derived remains in the oil. If a person is highly allergic, this may be sufficient to trigger an allergic reaction. It would be quite unusual for a person to be so allergic to canola that the oil would cause a server reaction. In fact, it may be more common for a person to be intolerant (i.e. Experience a non-immune-mediated reaction) to a preservative in the oil (such as benzoates, BHA, or BHT) which are sometimes added to the oil (check labels). Such a person would react to the preservative regardless of the oil itself.

It is not recommended for people on gluten-free diets (wheat allergy). Hope this helps!

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By no nuts on Tue, 03-06-01, 13:58

I only use pure olive oil and pure canola oil for cooking. No reactions. Also, my child has eaten some items containing other oils, safflower, corn, etc. with no problem. We just never eat anything with peanut oil obviously, or with anything just called "vegetable oil". I have never heard of canola being cross-contaminated and I feel very comfortable with it.

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By Cindia on Tue, 03-06-01, 15:46

Thanks, Mom to Cayley for looking that up for me. I appreciate the effort. I've heard that canola oil is one of the more healthy oils but didn't want to use it until I knew what it was

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