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Canned Green Beans vs. Organic?

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By Marlowe on Mon, 03-19-07, 03:25

My 13 mo. old DS with peanut/egg/dairy/wheat/soy/rye/banana allergies is now reacting to green beans.. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img] MIL insists it's cause they're canned and NOT organic.
Has anyone else had a child react to green beans frozen or canned and NOT reacted to organic?
Do you all buy organic veggies/fruits for your little ones?

Doesn't organic just mean they weren't grown with pesticides? Can't their still be chances of cross contamination issues, even with organics?

Guess I'm just thinking that if I continue to try and buy him "various" kinds of green beans to try and see if he reacts to those two, I'll be making his sensitivities to green beans even worse...am I wrong in thinking that? Seems his reaction to green beans has gotten MUCh worse than what it was the last time He had them!
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By bethc on Mon, 03-19-07, 15:50

Well, if he's allergic to green beans, he's allergic to green beans. The only difference that different forms make is that some people aren't allergic to things once they're cooked. But if he's reacted to canned ones, they're cooked. Green beans are a legume, and quite a number of people who are allergic to peanuts are also allergic to some other legumes. My PA DD is allergic to raw peas (which I grow myself organically!). I suppose that your MIL thinks he's actually reacting to pesticides, but if you know what an allergic reaction looks like and he has MFAs, I'm sure, IMO, that it's the food. I wouldn't tempt fate by continuing to try different kinds if his reactions have worsened. Do you have an allergist you can talk to about this?

We don't normally buy organic because of cost, although we don't use any chemicals on our homegrown produce because I'd rather we didn't eat pesticides. But that's because of concern about cancer and general long-term health, not food allergies. Yes, cross-contamination is a whole separate thing. Keeping food free from chemicals does not mean they don't allow different foods to come into contact with each other in a grocery store or something.

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