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Calling all Pennsylvanians!

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By mtal on Tue, 12-11-01, 20:27

Please write to your senator immediately to encourage them to vote for Senate Bill 20 - The Allergic Reaction Treatment Act. To find out about this act & to get your senator's address go to [url="http://www.legis.state.pa.us"]www.legis.state.pa.us[/url]

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By mtal on Wed, 12-12-01, 13:44

Just a reminder to please e-mail or write those letters!

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By ryan's mom on Sat, 12-29-01, 23:40

When is this being voted on? Do I still have time to get going on this one?

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By mtal on Sun, 12-30-01, 15:18

This bill is titled the Allergic Reaction Emergency Treatment Act. It was introduced last January & at that time was referred to Public Health & Welfare. In October 2001 it received its 1st consideration & was re-referred to Appropriations. That is all of the info. I could get from the PA senate website but that tells that it has not yet been voted on so our letters could still make a difference!

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