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Californians: Act NOW to help pass vital legislation to protect school-age kids!

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By Nutternomore on Tue, 08-31-04, 21:27

Californians, we need your help! AB 2132 and SB 1912, bills that protect a California student

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By Nutternomore on Tue, 09-07-04, 07:05

Alternatively, you can also Take Action on this issue via my website:


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By Nutternomore on Mon, 09-13-04, 19:25

Only a few weeks left to influence the Governor!

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By Nutternomore on Thu, 09-23-04, 20:08


We have [b]one week left (at most) [/b] to urge the Gov. to sign this legislation.

If you haven't already done so, PLEASE take a moment to go to [url="http://www.foodallergyaction.org/gpage3.html"]http://www.foodallergyaction.org/gpage3.html[/url] and follow the directions to e-mail him.

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By Nutternomore on Fri, 09-24-04, 15:56


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By Nutternomore on Mon, 09-27-04, 04:35

Bumping for final push!

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By Nutternomore on Wed, 09-29-04, 04:37

The Governor's office announced today via press release that he signed both SB 1912 & AB 2132!!!

As a result, California will now have uniform policy statewide that, subject to the provisions of the bill, students will be able to carry their asthma meds and Epi-pens at school!

Thanks to all Californians who took the time to advocate for this life-saving legislation.

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By crazydaisy on Wed, 09-29-04, 18:46


The Daisy Thanks You

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By Nutternomore on Wed, 09-29-04, 19:53

By the way, SB 1912, which permits pupils to carry and self-administer auto-injectable epinephrine is effective immediately.

AB 2132, which will permit pupils to carry and self-administer inhaled asthma medication, will be effective 1/1/05.

Each bill spells out the details, but essentially, school must recieve a written statement from doctor and written statement from parent granting permission (these statements need to be renewed annually).

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By jtolpin on Wed, 10-27-04, 18:55


Nomar wants to go play for the L.A. Dodgers... And he's getting a full share of winnings WHEN the Red-Sox win the pennant.



[b]* ENRICHED * [/b]

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