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Cake Pan Question

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By ebrignole on Tue, 10-23-07, 16:29

Hi there,

Wondering what size cake pan to use to serve 25 people, mostly adults. New to this baking thing.


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By momto4boys on Tue, 10-23-07, 17:23

I would recommend a half sheet pan. The dimensions are 12 x 18 and should be more than enough. Our extended family has grown to about 20 (12 adults and 8 kids) and a 9 inch round [i]or[/i] 9 X 11 rectangular pan are not big enough (depending on how many are dieting at the time - LOL). If you use these smaller sizes I would plan on two cakes, or 1 cake and some cupcakes.

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By ebrignole on Tue, 10-23-07, 17:51

Thanks MaryAnn. Would I just double a cake recipe for that size pan? I wonder if cooking time would be different too. Just one layer, right?

I will order the 12" x 18" inch pan though. Thanks again.


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By momto4boys on Tue, 10-23-07, 19:37

Yes just one layer. I think you can use either 2 or three cake recipes for that pan. My mom does the three and it makes a nice thickness. I am not sure about the baking time. I think you would have to guess the time keep checking until it tests done (clean toothpick test). Also make sure that you grease and flour the pan so the cake doesn't stick of course. Another idea for larger parties is layering a shaped cake on top of the sheet cake. My mom used to do a cross on top of the half sheet for Baptisms and Communions.

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By punkinsmom on Tue, 10-23-07, 22:51

If you call the manufacturer of the cake mix you are using, they should be able to tell you how many and how long. Good luck.

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By lj on Wed, 10-24-07, 00:08

Also, I just bought a half sheet pan at Michael's Craft Store.

I don't know if you have a Michael's in your area but you can use the 40% off weekly coupon in the Sunday paper towards it. It was $10.99 less 40%. Good deal INO. It's a Wilton pan.


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