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Burger King

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By sspinale on Mon, 03-13-00, 01:38

My daughter recently had burger king chicken nuggets and french fries. She was hospitalized over night. She was covered with hives and had trouble breathing. She also was hooked up to a heart moniter all night. We know she has a severe peanut allergy.
The following day I went to the BK restaurant and the gave me a pamphlet with the list of ingredients. There was no peanut oil used, but one of the ingredients was natural flavors. I found out last night on the internet that natural flavors can be peanuts or peanut oil. Has anyone else experienced this? (My daughter has eaten at BK before and been o.k.)

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By DMB on Mon, 03-13-00, 02:42

We were just at Burger King yesterday. My severely peanut allergic son (he even reacts to just touch) had that exact meal--chicken nuggets and fries. He's never had a reaction at that restaurant. From what I remember reading on this site, BK is one of the few fast-food restaurants that are "safe" for our peanut allergic children. That's what is so frustrating about this allergy, you just never know when or where they are going to have a reaction. Is your daughter allergic to anything else besides peanuts? How is she doing now?

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By carrie on Mon, 03-13-00, 11:57

Is your daughter allergic to sesame seeds? Burger King uses them all over their buns. Sesame seed allergy can be as severe as peanut, and it only takes a tiny amount to cause a severe reaction.
just a thought

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By michelle on Mon, 03-13-00, 14:58

This just a thought: I wonder if some one who was preparing the food could have been having a snack (containing peanut butter) that got on your child's food. The bad thing is that you can never be 100% sure what caused the reaction. Lately I have noticed that the fast food places in our town have become very sloppy and seem to have problems finding employees. We have gotten to the point that we dine out less and less. It just makes me too nervous. I wish that every restaurant had to educate and maintain food allergy awareness.

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By scywong on Mon, 03-13-00, 22:29


I remember when I was down in the States they used to serve peanut butter sandwiches in the kid's meals. I wonder, do they still do this? and if they do, it could be a cross contamination from a person prepping the kid's meals. Just a thought

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By AnMaMc on Tue, 03-14-00, 17:24

In our local Burger Kings there are no Peanut Butter Sandwiches being served in the meals, but, they do offer a peanut butter pie as a desert item. Just wondering if maybe the reaction was due to cross contamination of some kind. Did your child play in their play area or eat at a table or did you bring it home?

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By Christine on Tue, 03-14-00, 18:23

Wow, how scary. We just had this exact meal on Sunday and my PA son had no problems with it at all!!! I think at this point I would be investigating some other, new allergen or a cross contamination issue as mentioned in the above posts.

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By sspinale on Wed, 03-15-00, 02:56

My daughter had alot of other allergies at about 18 months old. She outgrew most of the food ones except peanuts. (Which her allergist said she never would outgrow it.) When I was in the hospital with her the doctor there said the person handling the food could have contaminated it. My husband brought the food home to eat. Some one from the quality assurance is supposed to call me back by the end of this week. Has anyone else heard that the ingredient natural flavoring can be peanut?

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By FromTheSouth on Wed, 03-15-00, 04:27

We have eaten at Burger King many times and my "airborne" p.a. child has never had a reaction. We don't eat there often now because she doesn't like the sesame seeds. You can bet I'll be looking the menu over more closely for that peanut butter pie (and other rest. for that matter). If I were you, I would contact the manager and B.K. Corporate headquarters and report what happened. It might help keep it from happening again.

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By Lidia on Sat, 03-25-00, 20:30

Yes, a natural flavoring can contain peanut. I used to go crazy every time I saw that on a label. I called MANY food companies over that. My rule of thumb now is.. if it is a major manufacturer and it has natural flavoring - I allow it (with the exception of Quaker) if it is a little company I don't. Most companies I called told me the same thing- "if there was a peanut flavoring it would not be "lumped" under natural flavoring, they would list it separately because it is a top allergen." This is a comfort level thing and this is where I am now.

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By carebear on Tue, 04-25-00, 14:59

I was surprised about the BK incident. My daughter ate there once when it first openend in GrandFalls, New Brunswick. She felt ill after She was 2 1/2 yrs. I have never been back. McDonalds seseame seeds bother her as well. These fast foods places are in fact getting pretty sloppy ay how they are serving food. Especially with drive throughs. Check out how they go through picking up food and putting it in bags! Sorry to complain

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By MaryLynn on Tue, 04-25-00, 15:46

We do not eat at BK anymore as our daughter is soy allergic as well as peanut. BK has French Toast sticks that are fried and do contain soy flour, in my opinion that could contaminate the oil. Any one else hae an opionion on this? Also the chicken patties that are grilled on the same belt and fall in the same catch bin as the hamburgers, contain soy protein and soy flour. Our duaghter had a mild reaction, one that was questionable about going to the hospital. We were in a strange rural area and did not feel comfortable about the hospital situation esp. since she did respond well to the Benadryl.

Good luck with your search and hope all goes well.

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By June on Wed, 04-26-00, 23:28

My grandaughter with a peanut allergy has been advised to check labels carefully for the presence of hydrolised plant protein and hydrolised vegetable protein


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By tania.n on Thu, 04-27-00, 06:14

Is that a peanut related product?If so I will be on the look out also.Let me know.....thanks it something I'm not looking for.

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By DebO on Sat, 04-29-00, 05:48

Hydrolized plant protein is a filler type product used in a lot of foods - it can be derived from a variety of products including peanut and soy. The problem is that most companies, when you call, will not identify the actual plant used to make the hpp (I think it comes from a third party supplier so they don't really know). My allergist lists it on the list of products to avoid for peanut allergy and i think it is on FAN's list too. BTW it is in lots of foods, including most Campbell's soups.


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By momma2rac on Mon, 05-01-00, 20:29

Fan actually removed them from how to read a label for a peanut free diet. I called to ask why one thing had them listed and one didnt. She said that they were advised to remove the hydrolised plant protein and hydrolised vegetable protein off the sheets because manufactures now list what makes up that ingedient. I told her that I just saw it on a label. So I would still watch out for it, but that is what FAN is advising.

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By Markus' mom on Sun, 10-01-00, 18:05

I just found this topic and it relates to my son as well. I have been to buger king about 3 or 4 times with my son. Each time, he threw up and got hives. He had chicken nuggets and french fries (which he has no problems with anywhere else.) I thought it might have been reflux because he hadn't been diagnosed with that before the incidences, but I don't think so anymore. I know he is not allergic to peanut oil, so that couldn't be it either. I refuse to ever go back there and I think I'm going to request a list of ingredients.

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By PattyR on Mon, 10-02-00, 12:35

My son once reacted to chicken nuggets at McDonalds. In hind sight, I think it was possibly egg in the batter. Do you know if Burger King used egg in their chicken nuggets and if so, could that be the problem you are experiencing?

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By dhumphries on Tue, 10-03-00, 01:15

My son has always enjoyed Wendy's and we considered it safe until recently. We have just moved to a new town, and the last two times he has had Wendy's chicken nuggets and fries, he has thrown up, and then appears to be fine afterwards. We have no idea what might be different in the ingredients, but sadly, we won't eat at Wendy's again.

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By FromTheSouth on Thu, 10-19-00, 04:28

I live in the South (obviously) where chicken and seafood are often fried in peanut oil as it cooks at a higher temp. without burning so food cooks quicker. I wonder if the chicken nuggets were prepared with peanut oil. I do not consider peanut oil safe, no matter which country it comes from. Not worth the risk of a single trace of the allergen being present.

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By yarnwoman on Tue, 10-24-00, 18:07

just wanted to let you all know to check a post I just made on the main board and on the alert board about Burger king. I just found out that they use hydrologized vegetable oil and the store manager here in san diego california said the only thing safe for my son was soda. He had a reaction this weekend after eating there.

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By Claire on Tue, 01-09-01, 11:18

Sorry to hear about the Burger King experience. Christopher will not eat their. He says that it makes his throat hurt and he feels like he can not breathe. I think he said the nuggets are what does it. We have been lucky with McDonalds,but like I said before we never get dessert there. Best wishes with your daughter. claire

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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Tue, 01-09-01, 14:48

"think I'm going to request a list of ingredients?"

Did you say think? As in, did not check BEFORE eating?

Just wanted to remind everyone to find out BEFORE!!!

Stay Safe,

[email][email protected][/email]
(I am not picking on you, just used your sentence to get the point across, there are many who could use this reminder) It is often such an inconvenience to check at such places (we are working to make it easier) that many do not check ingredients at restaurants and fast food places.

WHY? Would you feed your peanut allergic person elsewhere without checking ingredients and cross contamination?
Hopefully not!!! (again, not directed at anyone, just trying to get the point across!)

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By Claire on Tue, 01-09-01, 15:11

Chris, I have always gone through the wait of finding out ingredients. However at burger King i have been told there are no peanut products in the food. The thing is I think people fib about the ingredients because they do not want to be bothered with looking. I have managed to leave many places because of this. I would never stay anywhere we were not comfortable. It is just amazing the laziness of some people in the fast food restaurants. Yes I do get dirty looks,but Christopher will always be first. We will probably never go into a friendly restaurant again. You are so right in your posting about never forgetting where ever we are we should check the ingredients. If the waiter or waitress acts ignorant then do not take their word,because I feel they do not care enough to check.. Best wishes claire

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By olivia's mom on Thu, 03-29-01, 18:52

Listen...BurgerKing,McDonalds,Wendy's etc. are NOT HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES for children of any age..so we,( as you should too)keep our children away from these mass produced, low quality control,full of pesticides-and Goodness knows what else-and would even if they were not peanut allergic. There are so many better choices (food from home, for instance).Fast food is a cop out,our children's health and life is more important.

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By Mir on Mon, 04-02-01, 12:46

Hey Olivia's Mom, why don't you tell us what you REALLY think? [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Sorry, I thought this was a place for PA support, not a place for us to nitpick each others' choices as parents. I'm fully aware that their are healthier food options for my children, nonetheless I do OCCASIONALLY allow them fast food and I've come here to make sure I can keep my PA child safe. But the next time I'm looking for a lecture from the food police I'll be sure to look you up. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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By PattyR on Mon, 04-02-01, 23:50

I couldn't have said it better myself...LOL! I agree with your comments!

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By veteran.pa on Tue, 04-03-01, 03:55

From the South, Thanks for the information: "peanut oil cooks at a higher temperature without burning." I know sometimes peanut oil is used because it is cheaper. Are there other reasons that you know why peanut oil is chosen?

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By mom2two on Tue, 04-03-01, 16:18

Mir: LOL, I was waiting for someone to reply to Oliva's Mom re: telling us what we "should" or "should not" feed our kids.
I am guessing she may be a new first time mom? I remember feeding #1 ONLY organic products that I pureed, etc. Well, as it turns out, she is the highly allergic one, AND, to boot, she is now sooo picky about what she eats too. Hates all veggies (hopefully a phase????) but, of course, LOVES french fries and chicken mcnuggets at mcdonalds. Ah well....
Personally, I have a much greater fear of all mammal meats and byproducts, such as cow's milk, burgers, cheese, etc. But that is MY opinion, not going to condemn others for eating/drinking that stuff.

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By wendyhanna on Tue, 04-03-01, 22:38

Read this...


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By Triciasmom on Wed, 04-04-01, 00:23

Olivia's mom,

Please note: We are all in this leaky boat together. Sniping doesn't help anyone. I believe very strongly in feeding my daughter only healthy food whenever I can. However, when I am traveling, particularly in remote areas, opting for the "healthy" restaurants is not always safe. I would rather go to Subway than Wendys or Burger King or McDonalds. But Subway bakes peanut cookies in the same ovens as their sandwich bread. I would rather go to a quiet diner, but if I am far from home and a hospital, I would rather not take the risk.

In fact, I try to take food along for Patricia. But sometimes even the anti-fastfood moms find themselves relying on fast food. I don't take Patricia out to fast food much at all. But when I need to, it's nice to know which places are probably the safest.


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By ajas_folks on Wed, 04-04-01, 02:08

Amy, AMEN.

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By scaredmom on Thu, 04-12-01, 21:55



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By Sarahsmom on Fri, 04-13-01, 03:17

Dear Scaredmom--did you have a recent episode???? Thanks for the headsup. I had always heard how pricey pn oil was, so figured the cheesy fast food places that we go to McD, BK etc wouldn't use it. I'd have lumped Chick-Fil-A in with it. (know the spelling because I used to dine there DAILY as a teen, dipping the fries in mayo...ahhh those were the days, eh?) I am learning quickly DO NOT ASSUME, DO NOT LUMP!! I love these boards!!! although I'm getting a bit pessimistic on life in general these days...

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By ryan's mom on Tue, 04-24-01, 14:40

We have several Burger Kings in our area. One of the Burger Kings had a Peanut Butter pie as a promotional product for several months. I asked the manager how long they planned on selling it, and they said about 3 to 4 months. I said the sooner they get rid of it, the better. Needless to say, I didn't go to that Burger King until the promotion was over. However, on a positive note, the dessert was enclosed in a box when given to customers. Of course, the peanut residue could be all over the tables and play areas. As for the employees, I've worked in food service, and I'm sure if they're selling it, they're eating it too and probably not washing their hands.

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By mrmyles on Sun, 04-29-01, 18:37

We had a problem at Wendy's, Fries and Burger. But Chick-Fil-A, my son loves it. He eats the kids chicken meal and has no sign of reactions. I wonder if each Chick-Fil-A uses different oils.

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By PattyR on Sun, 04-29-01, 20:13

Chick-Fil-A restaurants all use peanut oil as far as I know. The kind that they use is not likely to have peanut protein in it but most of us here are not willing to take the risk. My concern would be them using an unsafe type if they were to run out.

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By PaminOnt on Sun, 07-08-01, 20:39

Can you tell me if any of your experiences with Burger King or Subway was in Canada, I am not sure if the canadain restraunts are different with the ones in the states. My allergy to peanuts is very deadly as many others are.

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By ryan's mom on Tue, 07-10-01, 13:15

I'm from Pennsylvania, U.S.

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By tuttles on Tue, 07-24-01, 03:22

After reading all of these postings I am scared. I sometimes take my 3 yo PA son to fast food places, but always asked of what oils are used in the fryolaters, because I was told that every place is/can use different oils. My son loves McD, but now I am tempted to not let him go there. Also thank you to the person who mentioned that when BK had their desert promotion that the residue was on the play rooms, sadly that thought failed to cross my mind. Luckily my son is rather shy, and will not play on the toys, because he won't leave my side.
Thank you
Amy (Nicholas' mommy)

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By Jodi on Tue, 07-24-01, 10:07

We routinely eat at McDonalds and have not had a problem. I don't let my son get desserts there though (i.e., ice cream) as I am afraid of contamination. Oh, any place that has a "play land" for the kids, we first try to avoid going there all together and if there is one that we can't avoid, our son (who is 3 1/2) knows that he isn't allowed to go in to play. I don't trust any of them not only for PA reasons, but I feel that personally, they are all germ infested as from what I can see, they don't get cleaned. Or they don't get cleaned to my standard anyway (I'm sort of a neat freak). Fortunately, he has accepted that we go to restaurants to eat a meal together, not play. He really hasn't given us a hard time about it either as we have enforced this from day one.

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By Kyla's mom and dad on Thu, 07-26-01, 00:03

Hi everyone, this is my first time writing but I read your messages often. We live in Canada and have been taking our daughter to BK and McD's for a while but we make it a habit to always ask about the oil everytime. So far everything has been ok, thankfully, but as a added we emphasize that our daughter could have a fatal reaction - it's surprizing the time they take when that's mentioned. Alot of people are still not aware of how severe this can be - especially employees behind the counter.We have always had a pleasant mnnered response too!

Kyla's mom

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By nervous nelly on Sun, 08-19-01, 13:51

I'm just curious. Someone mentioned, sorry can't remember who, that Wendy's was not safe. I recently phoned Wendy's and they use no peanut products of any kind. The oil they use is vegetable, I believe it was corn and soy. My son is pa but not allergic to soy so I feel this is a safe choice. We've eaten there and he's had no reaction (Canada). Please let me know what is unsafe about Wendy's? Also I won't eat at McD's anymore since I went to order fries and they said they are cooked in beef fat (yuck) and would not guarantee that it had not come into contact with peanut oil. Homemade french fries are the best anyways!


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By Renee111064 on Mon, 08-20-01, 03:32

My son also use to eat in McDonald's and Burger King as a small child and never had any reactions. Unlucky for my son he is allergic to Chicken, beef, and white potato's since having his skin testing so, We almost never eat out. We either go to Subway for a ham and cheese sub or to a pizza shop. He does miss french fries most of all too. Hopefully he will out grow his other food allergies but the allergist says the peanut allergy will be with him always.

Renee [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By Renee111064 on Mon, 08-20-01, 03:34

sorry double post.

[This message has been edited by Renee111064 (edited July 23, 2002).]

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By dreambeliever on Sat, 09-22-01, 14:10

I have heard many stories about BK and other restaurants and cross contamintion. My inlaws love taking the kids to Bk but, I will never let my youngest eat the food. I dont trust it and it isnt worth taking the chance. So, instead we bring along a tupperware container with all ready cooked weaver chicken nugget and french fries from home and ask them to heat it up. They never gave us a problem with us bringing food in for our PA son and BK still gives him a toy.
My family sometimes get a litte irritate with me and how careful I am with what he eats but, until he is old enough to make his own choices I will protect him against this awful allergy.
Take care

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By dreambeliever on Sat, 09-22-01, 14:12

I have heard many stories about BK and other restaurants and cross contamintion. My inlaws love taking the kids to Bk but, I will never let my youngest eat the food. I dont trust it and it isnt worth taking the chance. So, instead we bring along a tupperware container with all ready cooked weaver chicken nugget and french fries from home and ask them to heat it up. They never gave us a problem with us bringing food in for our PA son and BK still gives him a toy.
My family sometimes get a litte irritate with me and how careful I am with what he eats but, until he is old enough to make his own choices I will protect him against this awful allergy.
Take care

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By JasonAndJoeysMom on Wed, 10-17-01, 16:29

I didn't know about the soy in the burgers at BK... yikes! Jason is soy allergic too.

I've never had a problem with nut contamination at McD's, but then again the only thing he's allowed to eat there is the hamburger patties, milkshakes and sodas.

I've had the best luck at In-N-Out... they fry their fries in cottonseed oil, and serve no nut products in their restaurants. Their burgers are 100% beef and they cook them right there on the premisis, rather than the pre-cooked junk at McD's or BK.

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By lucy van pelt on Fri, 10-19-01, 15:51

Our 7 year old PA son was invited to a birthday party at Burger King. This was a thrill as it is early in the school year and he's new at the school. Before telling him about the invite I went to the local BK & talked with the manager. I was told regretfully that the fries and the chicken are fried in oil that does contain peanut oil. She didn't know about the burgers or buns. That didn't matter because I'd heard all I neeeded to hear. The restaurant isn't safe regardless of what he might eat because the other children will be eating fries and playing on the same play structure. Whyrisk a reaction? So, i sdpoke to the mother and thanked for the invite and asked that my son get together with her daughter at a safe spot in out town so he can give hera present and wish her Happy Birthday. The mother is delighted, the daughter and my son. He understood. He wasn't thrilled but he did love the substitution. We never ever eat anywhere without checking the place out ahead
Could be why vacations without a kitchen are something we avoid.

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By Still Head Cook on Sun, 10-21-01, 00:26

AAAhhh....I am looking at our most recent ingredient info. from BK(corp. printed) and their oil is supposed to be soybean and cottonseed. I will check to see if I have the most recent ingredient list though before we eat there again. We are in So. California, so maybe its different??
I also think that In 'n Out is the way to go for fast food. No nuts anywhere, no promo. food to surprise you.

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By Sable247 on Sun, 01-27-02, 07:16

Hi - Lucy Van Pelt could you tell mee what state or country that BK was in that cooked in peanut oil? There are time when I ordered a whopper meal and just smelling the fries would cause me to cough, and the times that I ate the fries I would cough and cough. I checked with the manager to see if if they used peanut oil and (I received the typical response that most of you all received)was told it was vegetable oil, I inquired what type and I'm not sure, but it wasn't peanut. I stayed away from their food, but my children still ate it. now the food doesn't bother me now. I have food allergies that change. Usually when I go for testing its because several foods are causing severe reactions first hives and what I was told was asthma I found out was an anaphylactic reaction (throat swelling, can't hardly breathe). After 4 months, I can add the one food back slowly. If no reaction I can keep eating it. If a Reactin then I have to wait another 4 months. If a reaction at time I would always have to keep it out of my diet. The only food I can never try is Peanuts since after all these years. A bite of a peanut butter cheese cracker put me in the ER. Now the above is just me and what my allergist recommended. Please do not try adding back any foods without a doctor's recommendation. I'm almost 40 yrs old and have complained since 1997, that I couln't breathe in my throat, and it wasn't until I landed in ER another PA reaction, that the doctor says I have been having an anaphylactic reaction, not asthma. He said I must tell emergengy personell that, because the treatment is different for both. My heart goes out to all you parents out there dealing with a child with severe allergic reactions. From the posts I've read so far you all seem to be well tuned to their reactions, their responses, and to what your children have told you how they felt. Keep up the good work. I have you don't run into any doctor that would say its just Asthma like I have been told for so long. When I think about the unnecessary suffering, not to mention the times I could have died. Uhh! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img]

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