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Breastfeeding and Pregnant Moms - Beware

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By Testowy on Mon, 03-27-06, 18:51

I have 3 kids that were all brestfed. The oldest was bestfed for +2years and I ate peanuts, she's not PA. The second I brestfed for 11 mos, ate peanuts, she's PA. The third is 11mos and I'm still breastfeeding, have stopped eating peanuts because of PA dd, and he seems non PA. If this theory is true then wouldn't you think my oldest who was "exposed" (+2 years) the longest would have been the PA child?

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By Raini on Mon, 04-03-06, 03:31

Taniqua's allergist stated that he believed she may have acquired PA due to the fact that I received peanut oil enemas for severe constipation during pregnancy. Supposedly, it is a common treatment... cured the constipation instantly, but look what happened!

What I find unusual, is that I heard that some Canadian doctors were exploring enema therapy with peanut oil as a way do decrease the severity of reactions, by building up "immunity". Sounds fishy to me, but I'll wait until I see otherwise.

Living in Washington after the hurricane.

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By azeroperu on Mon, 04-03-06, 15:52

My youngest DS has a peanut allergy, which we discovered when he was 10 months. He is breastfed and is my fifth child. I ate peanuts and LOADS of peanutbutter with all of them during my pregnancies and while breastfeeding. Brian is the only one with any type of allergy. I really don't think it has anything at all to do with what we consume while we are carrying them or BF them, just chance.

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By ewxarast on Mon, 04-03-06, 20:05

i know my sister in law still mentions that she follows that diet and i tell her that i think that book is full of old thinking. she and i both have our original copies from our first children.

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By Qqybvnny on Tue, 04-04-06, 00:05

I have had this theory for a while now.

When I was pregnant with my DD I loved PB sandwiches so much and although I do not remember exactly how often I ate them I am sure it was alot. I also breast-fed for a week (stopped BF'ing after only a week due to having trouble with it).

My DD was diagnosed with PA at age 2 and I have always felt like I "caused" her allergy by eating too much PB while pregnant and BF'ing.

I even asked her allergist that question and he downplayed it, saying he dosen't think that caused it.

And now, there are articles that say it is poosible so I don't know what to think.

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