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Book \"Caring for your Child with Severe Food Allergies\"

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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Fri, 03-16-01, 06:21

Here is a link to the PeanutAllergy.Com books page where you can purchase this book "Caring for your Child with Severe Food Allergies". There are others books available on this books page and we have received many other books which we are currently reviewing. If you have any suggestions for books you think we should consider offering on the books page email me with them, if you are the author or publisher of a book, contact us and send a copy for our review. Here is a link to our "contact info" for phone, shipping address etc.
You can also contact the publishers of those books you think we should review and give them our contact information for them to send us review copies and/or contact us.

Interested in writing a book about peanut allergy? Contact me about this also. We are currently helping to promote books and are working on writing others.

Here is the books page link. Again I consider this book "Caring for your Child with Severe Food Allergies" a "must read" for those dealing with peanut allergy.


It would be great if you purchased it through PeanutAllergy.Com's amazon link which you will find from our books page, but even if you don't I suggest you get at least one copy. I recommend it often, especially when new people call us on the phone. I suggest people purchase a few copies, if they can afford to, so they can give one to their child's caregivers, such as baby sitters, relatives, teachers or anyone else they feel they would like to educate. I think it is a good idea to have it hanging around the house for relatives and friends to see and it can be a great conversation starter about the allergy.

Anyone who is in contact with a peanut allergic child (or adult) could benefit from reading this book. For those of you who don't already know, I have met with the author and spoken with her about her book. I am very impressed with this book and that does not happen very often when I am reviewing books on peanut allergy. I like to be sure the information in a book is accurate, not misleading or taking away from the seriousness of the allergy etc.

I of course would have liked if she put her opinions towards some of the issues in the book, but that aside, she does cover many of the topics we deal with (and some topics you may not have considered). Of special mention in my opinion is how she writes about the topic of leaning towards safety or quality of life and how this changes in our lives etc.

Stay Safe,

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By pamarsteve on Fri, 04-20-01, 02:51

This book is excellent. The author does a great job at giving advice and very practical ideas. I learned so much by reading this book. She also validates the stress involved in keeping our children safe.

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By BCUZILUVHIM on Wed, 07-04-01, 00:25

I cried when I read this book especially when she wrote about Guilt and balancing normalcy. I don't think I have ever read a book that hit so close to home. I would recommend this book to a family new to PA before any other book. I read the Peanut Allergy Answer Book right after this one which was very good and informative but nowhere near touches subjects that are in our hearts. I personally would probably recommend both at the same time to give balance maybe.

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