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bird seed?

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By lj on Mon, 08-07-06, 16:23

Hi All,

I remember recently reading a post about safe bird seed but I've searched and cannot turn up anything.

Can anyone recommend a safe bird seed or sunflower seed (or cracked corn) brand that can be used for a preschool project? Also, please list where it can be purchased, i.e. Home Depot, Target, Walmart, etc.

I went to buy some David's Seeds but they are salted and that cannot be good for the birds! My son's preschool is having a "bird day" at their camp on Friday and I volunteered to provide the seed and now I can't find anything!



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By Daisy on Mon, 08-07-06, 17:37

Just raised a post from earlier this year. But the link is not working.

I think I have seen this at specialty pet stores/bird shops, but I don't have a bird so I don't remember which store.

Try calling pet stores in your area to see if they carry this.


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By lj on Mon, 08-07-06, 18:10


I don't see the old post and and I see a mention of a brand in your post. Did I miss something?



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By Daisy on Mon, 08-07-06, 18:27


forgot to say it's in the Peanut-Free Businesses section.

PrettyBird brand

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By lj on Tue, 08-08-06, 17:37

I have determined that "safe" bird seed is impossible to find. I've called about 6 companies and cannot find anything.

If anyone knows of anything, please post here.

Than ks,


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By Emmysmomma on Mon, 08-14-06, 12:51

I used to have lovebirds. I believe that cockatiel feed and parakeet feeds don't have nuts.
Good Luck-

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By MJMD on Mon, 08-14-06, 14:07

This information is a couple years old, but I went on a safe bird seed hunt for my son for school a couple years ago. I came up with Red River Commodities in Fargo, ND,(customer service #701-282-2600 ext. 564 was Sara Daub). Sara was extremely helpful. She tracked down their sunflower seed for me. At the time, the 25 & 50 lb. bags that were sent to Lowe's stores for distribution were from a peanut-free plant. Their smaller bags which were sent to other stores, could be cross-contaminated w/PN from a different plant. I believe the brand was Valley Splendor Wild Birdfood Products. Their website is [url="http://www.valleysplendor.com."]www.valleysplendor.com.[/url] We had our 25 pound bag for quite a while...until the mice found it in the winter. Oh, well! Let us know if you find anything.

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By hopechapel on Wed, 08-16-06, 04:12

I didn't talk to Sara, I got someone else but no luck. (I too am hot on the trail of pf birdseed) The phone # has changed -- these are the same people who make Sunbutter. I got the number from the Sunbutter jar --800-437-5539. Now they did tell me no, but maybe you'll have more luck with Sara.
The guy told me that all birdseed in contaminated and that the thistle was the best bet. Thistle does not go through the same machine as all the others.

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By selketine on Wed, 08-16-06, 18:48

I was the one that posted about Pretty Bird brand of bird seed. We found it at a local pet store when we got our canary and I did call the company. They said no peanuts are used at all.

I wouldn't feed it to my kid but our canary has been eating it for 2 months almost and my son routinely walks through some knocked out seed in his bare feet with no issues.

Here is the website with what we use: [url="http://prettypets.com/index.php/cPath/36_39?osCsid=92dc59030b1ae1ac3adb5a0ad5152841"]http://prettypets.com/index.php/cPath/36_39?osCsid=92dc59030b1ae1ac3adb5a0ad5152841[/url]

They do have a notice on the package that it doesn't contain peanuts.

Carol G.

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By hopechapel on Thu, 08-17-06, 16:53

Called PrettyBird and their peanut-free seed is processed on equipment with nuts.
So, for those avoiding cross-contamination -- this might not be good. No allergen wash done on pet food equipment.

This is expensive but this is what I have found:

Welter Seed & Honey Co.

They cannot advise you on birds but you can come up with a mix. If you specify untreated then you do not get the fungicides, etc. Non GMO too. Much better but mix yourself and pay.

You can also look into cracked corn and oats --- I found an organic chicken scratch co -- I'll ask if they ship if you are interested.

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