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birch pollen and peanut allergy

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By Lovey on Mon, 12-06-04, 15:58

[url="http://www2.us.elsevierhealth.com/scripts/om.dll/serve?action=searchDB&searchDBfor=art&artType=abs&id=as0091674904024054&nav=abs&special=hilite&query=%5Ball_fields%5D%28peanut+alle"]http://www2.us.elsevierhealth.com/script...D%28peanut+alle[/url] rgy%2C%29

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By happycat on Mon, 12-06-04, 18:04

Thanks for posting Lovey!

My son has a birch pollen allergy which cross reacts with apples, as well as a peanut allergy that has involved mainly "oral symptoms" (as mentioned in the article), so I found this very interesting.

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By DanielaW on Wed, 12-08-04, 19:53

For Happycat... what happened first the birch pollen or the peanut allergy? What was the onset age?
Thanks for your reply.

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By Shosh on Tue, 01-11-05, 18:55

I know you were writing to Happycat, but I, too, seem to have a peanut allergy resulting from my birch allergy.

I have had environmental allergies (including birch) since early childhood. It was not until my mid-twenties that I started to become symptomatic after eating peanuts. So far, I have gotten some mouth itching/tingling, mild breathing trouble, and a single hive (once after eating something with peanut flour in it).

It does seem that my symptoms to peanut exposure are more noticable in the "green" months when birch pollen is more prevalent.

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By happycat on Tue, 01-11-05, 21:19

Quote:Originally posted by DanielaW:
[b]For Happycat... what happened first the birch pollen or the peanut allergy? What was the onset age?
Thanks for your reply.[/b]

You know I'm not really sure (kind of a stupid answer I know). My son was diagnosed with PA at 3 1/2. About six months later, he started reacting to apples, but surprise, when he had his SPT he got a HUGE hive where they tested for birch pollen, and a very small one where they tested for apple.

He has no symptoms of a pollen allergy, that I can tell. But... he was born in early summer, and he always had such a "boogery" (for lack of a better word - sorry) nose I wondered from day one about allergies. He always had really rough skin too, and got mild excema at around a year. It always shows up in the summer.

I think the pollen allergy may have been there all along, but I didn't get confirmation until after the positive SPT for peanut.

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