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bee stings

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By Austins mom on Sun, 05-12-02, 01:17

I would like to know how many of out nut allergy kids are allergic to bee stings also. Ive heard the allergies are in the sme family. My s00n to be 10 yr old son (On Aug. 31st) hasnt been stung yet and Im petrified of what might happen when the time comes. I am planning on having him tested for this, but still would like to know the odds!

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By LI-LIAN on Sun, 05-12-02, 11:00

My non-PA son had a bee sting whilst coming down a slide in the playground (the bee landed on the slide and it just so happened that my son came down the slide right at that moment). Although he doesn't have PA, he has had dairy allergy (and outgrown it) and has asthma so I was quite worried that he would get an anaphylactic reaction but thankfully he didn't, it resolved after icing and rest. That's all the information I can offer you. sorry.

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By ACBaay on Sun, 05-12-02, 18:03

Testing may not tell if someone is allergic until they are exposed to the allergen. The first sting will expose the child, then have them tested, or watch for the reaction on the second sting. Also, there are different types of stinging insects (bees, wasps, yellowjackets). On the bright side, at least we are prepared for a reaction if one does occur (epi-pen).

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By cathlina on Sun, 05-12-02, 23:56

I am PN and allergic to beestings. I was stung when I was 5 and then when I was 16 to a yellow jacket. When I was 16, I stepped on a yellow jacket, my whole foot and half of my leg swelled.

I have been stung by wasps three times since then but never have had a problem but still go to the emergency room.

The PN allergy didn't show up until I was 27.

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By poppys mummy on Mon, 05-13-02, 10:33

I got this from a book I have called the Allergy Bible, by Linda Gamlin (and Professor Jonathon Brostoff as consultant).
"Anyone can develop an allergy to insect stings - you don't have to be atopic (prone to allergies). But atopics are more likely to have severe anaphylaxis if they become allergic to venom. Routine skin -prick testing of atopics is, however, not considered worthwhile because false postives are so common. Taking the general population, 10-30% give a positive skin test to at least one venom, but only 1-5%of adults have a systemic reaction."
"There are cross reactions between the venom of wasps, hornets and related insects (vespids), so if you are allergic to one, you may react to another. Cross reactions are very unlikely between bee and wasp venoms. Honeybee and bumblebees have very similiar venom and these cross react (but honeybee immunotherapy does not work for bumble bee allergy). Surprisingly there is some cross reaction between honeybee and snake venom."

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By on Mon, 05-13-02, 11:36

In my familty I am the one with PA and other food allergies. My kids have (so far) non-food allergies (medicines and latex). The youngest is four and we have taken him to hospital for insect stings and bites. The first was a sting on his ankle. He swelled to the hip. The last was a bite behind his ear. He swelled down the back and side of his neck (apparently swelled only outside). Because we are often very far from hospital dr. and I thought an epi-pen was a good idea *just in case*. The worst reactions are on a farm, and we assume there are different biting insects there.

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By n5vox on Mon, 05-13-02, 23:16

My son at 2 yrs. old - did not have any reaction to his first bee sting. I think it was a wasp? (He is reading over my shoulder and he said yellow jacket.) It was 8 years so I could be wrong. Hope this info helps a little bit. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By skanb on Tue, 05-14-02, 04:14

DS who is PA/TNA with asthma and eczema has been stung numberous times without any reaction. His first sting was just a matter of days after his first PA reaction, and my husband about panicked, but nothing happened. Nor has it happened the other three times he's been stung. I think it's like PA...some are and some aren't. Good luck! Kristi

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By Claire on Tue, 05-14-02, 10:22

Chris is deathly allergic to nuts but has been stung a million times with no reaction. My brother eats PB and is fine and is deathly allergic to bees. I don't think there is a connection to anything here. My older brothe is allergic to shellfish.
He gets stung by bees with no reaction. claire

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By MattsMom on Sat, 06-29-02, 08:54

This is one I'm sure many of us worry about, but being anaphylactic to one allergen does not mean you will be anaphylactic to all the 'biggies'. =) That's the good news. The bad news is that if you are pre-disposed to having, or already have, allergies (or asthma or eczema, also members of the Atopic Triad), you are already at a slightly higher risk of developing an allergy to _____ than the rest of the population who are not 'wired' for any of the atopic diseases.

That said, in my experience...

Meagan (multiple food and enviro allergies) has never been stung before, so there's no way to tell as yet whether she will be allergic or not.

Matt (multiple food/drug/enviro/etc allergies) has been stung once. Enough to sensitive him, but not enough to declare him to be either allergic or not. And one more sting without any reaction would not be enough to say with 100% certainty that he isn't, as allergies can be developed to ANYthing at ANY time.

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By on Mon, 01-20-03, 21:27

Simply re-raising. Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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By on Tue, 01-21-03, 00:01

I have also wondered about this and actually posted a similar question under Living with PA. It might be good to have that thread re-raised to see what the response was in that thread as well. I believe the overwhelming consensus was that most of us have the fear regardless of whether our child is actually allergic to bee stings or not.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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By Codyman on Tue, 01-21-03, 01:34

I will know for sure next month.
My son will be tested for both peanuts/nuts (he has never been tested before -- his sister is allergic) and for Bees stings/insects. He has reacted to Bee Stings ..... facial swelling etc.. I have a gut feeling he is not allergic to peanuts/nuts hope I am right.

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