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Beaver tails!!!!!!

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By acajou on Thu, 01-18-01, 18:37

I just discovered this summer that i'm allergic to nuts/peanuts.. I was really sad to imagine that i would not be able to eat Beaver tails anymore.. For those who are not familiar whith these, it is a canadian pastry coated with cinemon and sugar that is especially popular during winter time.. It is sooo delicous!! I called the company and it turns out to be really safe four us PA!!! I ate a couple since with no reaction what so ever!! :-)

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By redtruck on Fri, 02-23-01, 18:36

Acajou, my pa daughter had some beavertail a few weeks ago too while skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa...no reaction!

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By katiee on Wed, 03-14-01, 18:07

That's great to hear, my DH is taking the three kids to see Beauty and the Beast on Ice at the end of the month at the Corel Centre here in Ottawa.

I assumed that I would have to send along "safe" treats as I did not think there would be anything safe to buy for Wade. Well, YIPPEE, sounds like he can eat Beavertails! I think I'll call the company directly just to be sure, but I think this is great!


Katiee (Wade's mom)

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By charlottesmom on Wed, 02-21-07, 13:10

Does anyone have a phone number or e-mail address so that I can contact the company. We will be in Ottawa for 3 days in March.

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By charlottesmom on Wed, 02-21-07, 15:46

Found the info doing a google search. The website is beavertails.ca, the beavertails themselves do not contain nuts/peanuts, but many of the toppings do.
There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the page telling nut/dairy allergic people not to consume the product.
Oh well, another treat off our list, my non PA son will be so disappointed.

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By darthcleo on Thu, 03-01-07, 03:38

You can always ask the people at the store to prepare the beavertail in a safe way. My niece worked for them last summer, and when a peanut/tree nut allergic custome comes, they were told to prepare the beavertail in the backstore, away from the toppings that are dangerous.

So the girls at the counter receive at least a bit of training. It's up to you to trust them or not. I've had my kids eat beavertails a couple of years ago. At that point, they would only serve us if they were not in a rush.

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