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bean allergy

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By FORZACKRY on Sat, 12-15-01, 17:36

I have heard lately that peanuts are in the same family as beans! There may be a possability of any bean allergy such as soy! Is this true? If so does vanilla fall into this catagory?

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By Tammie- Chloe's mum on Sun, 12-16-01, 10:06

Hi there,

According to a book that I have made a mass of photocopies out of (sorry I can't remember the name of it) Vanilla is actually a part of the 'Orchid family' and is listed as the only food in that family.

But funny you should comment on it in an allergy perspective. My PA daughter has no problem with it yet my baby (who tested negative to PA) screams uncontrollably about 6-8 hours after eating a food with it in. I have even been able to tell Vanilla was in a food she had eaten earlier in the day by her behaviour several hours after this. The baby also has troubles with several other legumes incl peas, split peas and beans. Anyone else had problems with siblings with these type of allergies even though not PA?

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By booandbrimom on Mon, 12-17-01, 14:00

My son is allergic to all lentils and legumes, but according to Dr. Sicherer, this is not common. Only 5% of children with a peanut allergy are also allergic to another legume. For the ones who are, they think it's a protein in the bean pod itself triggering the allergy.

So...I wouldn't worry too much but it's good to be cautious and introduce legumes slowly into any allergic family.

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