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Barilla\'s Pasta Sauce

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By Elodie's Mommy on Tue, 01-11-05, 20:41

I just got off the phone with the representative from Barilla Pasta Sauce. I had called and left a msg about their marinara and Basilico sauces and if they could be cross contaminated with egg, peanut or tree nut. They called me back and said they use a bottling company and that while those ingredients are not in their sauces, egg and tree nut are in the facility and could be run on the same lines. She then spoke about washing the lines, etc. but their are no guarantees.

Anyway, this is still good news for peanut allergic people, but I know there are lots of people on these boards who are also concerned about egg and tree nut. Just wanted to share this info. I did not ask about the pasta noodles.

Unfortunately for me, I stupidly used the sauce yesterday, but thankfully didn't give dd any. I won't make that mistake again. I'm just sick about it.

Thanks and stay safe.

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By Heather3 on Tue, 01-11-05, 21:09

Well, they have until next January to label properly. I wonder when they plan to get their act together.

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By Elodie's Mommy on Wed, 01-12-05, 12:55

We are new to PA (as well as EA and TNA), so I'm sorry to say that I'm not well educated on the new labeling laws. Will manufacturers be required to label for cross contamination as well?

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By on Wed, 01-12-05, 16:47

Welcome Elodie's Mommy! Here is a link:


It is found in the Take Action forum....Support The Food Allergen Consumer Protection Act.
And if you google it you might find more information on it.

Hope that helps!

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By TRexFamily on Wed, 01-12-05, 19:13

Does this only apply to the marinara and basilico varieties or to all varieties?

I thought I read here that Barilla was safe?

My internet is acting funny, so I can't search the site.


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By irishtoast on Tue, 03-19-13, 14:43

I just had a possible systemic reaction to peanuts and I also just bought Barilla Marinara because it does not list any allergens. I will not be eating this. I am glad I read this before hand.

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