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Bakers Chocolate Chips

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By on Fri, 02-02-01, 02:13

We called Bakers Chocolate Company to make sure their baking chocolate was peanut free. We were told their entire facility was peanut free. We just discovered they now sell choclate chunks...delicious and a great cholate chip substitute.

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By Linda-Jo on Sat, 02-03-01, 17:35

Thanks for the 'headsup' on this product. I will try them.

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By on Sat, 02-03-01, 23:46

GREAT!! My son's Hebrew School is doing a food project with them next week. He probably won't eat it since he hates chocolate, but at least he can participate.
That is a load off my mind. Now I can start worrying about the next thing on my list!


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By FromTheSouth on Sun, 02-11-01, 02:10

We use the Baker's Secret Semi-Sweet choc. chips for baking and have never had a reaction. It is interesting to read that many p.a. people don't seem to like choc. My child is one of them....

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By Cayley's Mom on Sun, 02-11-01, 04:46

Cayley must be an exception! She's a chocolate fiend! We go through more toothpaste with that kid... Good thing it doesn't make her hyper! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By brenda on Wed, 02-14-01, 21:51

You mention Baker's Chocolate is peanut free, is it also nut-free?

My PA daughter also hates any thing chocolate - I've often wondered if maybe she's allergic to chocolate and instinctivly doesn't eat it.

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By FromTheSouth on Thu, 02-15-01, 01:28

My p.a. child is also extremely tree-nut allergic and has eaten the Baker's Secret choc. chips w/o incident. You should call and verify yourself, of course. She doesn't like choc., however. Prefers oatmeal cookies over choc. chip!

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By Sandra Y on Thu, 02-15-01, 04:50

Are we talking about two different brands here? I use Baker's brand chocolate--it's at the grocery store. Is Baker's Secret a different brand?

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By Sandra Y on Thu, 03-15-01, 02:20

Just pulling this to the top for someone who was asking about this company.

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By Caterina on Thu, 03-15-01, 02:54

I believe Bakers brand chocoate is made by Kraft Foods which is a company that is very allergy aware. I have used their producst for my PA daughter with no problems. I must say that my PA daughter is not crazy about chocolate either.

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By Love my C on Tue, 08-06-02, 21:33

I called Baker's today regarding their semi-sweet chocolate chunks. I was told that this product is made on shared lines. She said if there was ANY chance of peanuts or tree nuts being in the product the package would state that. (How can they be that sure if it's made on shared lines?) I asked how often they clean their machines and she said, "I don't know if we can give out that information." WHAT?! She was adamant that there was NO chance of trace amounts in the chocolate chunks even though they are made on shared lines. I guess she has great faith in their cleaning procedures, but not great enough faith to share those cleaning procedures with me.

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By erik on Tue, 08-06-02, 23:56

I have checked Baker's chocolate on several occasions and in Canada it is manufactured in a peanut-free facility. The information that Kraft sent to me via email follows:


If there is a risk of peanut contamination in the product, then this will be
included in the ingredient line as you have indicated. The BAKER'S
chocolate and Refrigerated JELL-O Products are manufacturered in nut-free
facilities. I hope this helps.

Please visit us again soon.

REF#: 15568755-1

Kraft Kitchens Canada

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By LaurensMom on Wed, 08-07-02, 02:41


We called Baker's not just once, but 3 times!! My aunt had asked me about Baker's. She called and they said it was a completely peanut free facility in the Boston area. I called and got the same story. It was after posts here that someone questioned that as they got a different story. I called Baker's one more time and they denied anyone told me that.

Like I would like and put Lauren at risk!!!

LaurensMom (aka AndreaM)

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By Going Nuts on Wed, 08-07-02, 20:01

I spent a great deal of time on the phone with two Kraft representatives today. They assured me that all Bakers chocolate squares are absolutely safe, made on dedicated lines.


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By Love my C on Thu, 08-08-02, 03:17

To my surprise, I received a call this morning from Kraft Foods regarding the Baker's chocolate.

When I called yesterday, I first spoke with Jan. She was very kind, helpful, wanting to give the most accurate information to me because she said she knew how serious nut allergies can be. She emphasized this more than once. She was great. In fact, she looked up what she could about their procedures but because she wanted me to have all the info I needed, and wasn't sure she could supply it, she transferred me to the person I posted about yesterday, who told me: "No dedicated lines. Strict cleaning procedures. They will label if there are any nuts in the product." This person by the way was quite defensive. I have no idea why, as I just wanted to know what they do, I 'm not taking them to court.

Anyway, this morning Jan called me. She had taken my info and given me a case # before transferring me the day before. She reiterated the seriousness of nut allergies and the concerns mom's would have. She told me that she did not believe that the place where the product was made currently made any nut containing items. However, she said they DO NOT have dedicated lines as their machines are made to be broken down and interchangable (?) I believe is how she put it. She also said they have strict cleaning procdures as well. She said the only way to have no contamination is to have DEDICATED lines. She said her opnion was that she was something like 99.95% sure that there would be no crosscontamination but that it would have to be my call whether to use the product or not. Truthfully, I am comfortable with this as they are not currently making anything w/ nuts or peanuts however, that could change and the machinery is interchangable.

If you're still with me [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] I explained to her that after I gave my son one of the cookies he was immediately rubbing his eyes and it could be that he is allergic to a different ingredient in the chocolate chunks. Of course I wanted to rule out the peanut/nut area first. He is also allergic to soy but doesn't to my knowledge react to soy lecithin. She volunteered that the cocoa butter ingredient did not contain butter but was from the cocoa bean. I thanked her for taking the time to do all the research for me and to call me back (which I hadn't asked her to do). I asked if this product was made in Canada, she thought it was. The label reads it is packaged in N.Y.

I wish we weren't all getting different answers, it makes it difficult. But I guess it boils down to your comfort zone and history of reaction or no reaction.

I vote for someone as allergy aware and caring about the consumers as Jan is to run Kraft foods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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