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Back from allergist

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By Live4Him on Mon, 03-12-07, 21:32

We just got back from my sons first allergy testing. Turns out he is allergic not only to peanuts (3.91) but walnuts (3.38) as well. He may be allergic to hazelnuts but they are rechecking to make sure if it was the pollen or the nut it came out 0.187.

He is also allergic to Oranges of all things! String beans and Green peas. All these we have to aviod completly.

He is allergic to potatoes, shell fish, white fish, tomatoes, corn, soybeans, horses, cats, orchard grass, dust mites and tree pollens. She said to take them out of his diet for 3 weeks then introduce one at a time again. I would have never known. He has a stuffy nose all the time and very dry skin. Well, now I know how hard it is for multiple allergic people to cope. That doesn't leave a whole lot for a 14 yr old boy to eat!

I also asked her the name of the vaacine for anaphalaxis and it IS Zoliar but will only be available for anaphalic people.

He isnt allergic to cashews or almonds, or Brazil nuts. I still am scared to let him eat these even though his scores were <0.10!
He is also very reluctant to try them either~

Isaiah 53:5

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By alliedhealth on Tue, 03-13-07, 19:14

Just a note-the leading researchers caution PA people to avoid tree nuts also due to cross-contamination in manufacturing processes. So, even if not allergic, these can be a major risk.

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By Live4Him on Wed, 03-14-07, 18:18

Thanks, I dont think we will ever let him eat the other nuts do to that fact, but if he does come in contact with them it wont be so scary. He is adament about not eating any nuts still. It is probably because we have avoided nuts off all kinds for so long.
Right now I am trying to find some sort of soy free bread for this elimination diet. Soy seems to be in everything. He is having a hard time with not being able to eat hardly anything. 14 year old teenage boys need lots of food and he cant have alot of everything.

Thanks for the information!

Isaiah 53:5

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By josh'smom on Fri, 03-16-07, 19:14

Pepperidge Farm sandwich bread is soy free. It is one of the only breads that I have found that does not have soy flour. I haven't called but I have used it for 1 1/2 years with no problem. My son is allergic to peanuts and avoiding tree nuts.

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