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Awful Message about Food Allergies

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By Newallergymom on Fri, 07-18-08, 02:50

I urge everyone to read this and then follow the link that FAAN has provided to express your dissatisfaction.


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By SkyMom on Fri, 07-18-08, 04:07

Thanks for the post. Will email them asap. I can't believe a "family" geared entertainment would be so irresponsible.

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By jschumac on Mon, 07-21-08, 17:15

I just sent my email to ABC. I can't believe they are so ignorant. We work so hard to protect our kids. We don't need movies like this.

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By MommyOfTwo on Mon, 07-21-08, 21:15

I just emailed, how absolutely disgusting and appalling!

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By niche on Mon, 07-28-08, 21:18

I did too how awful

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