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By jdsmom on Mon, 07-17-06, 17:17

Has anyone had a good or bad exprience with Atlantis in the Bahamas?? Thanks, jdsmom

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By Danielle on Wed, 07-26-06, 01:08

We too have been throwing this vacation back and forth.
They do have condo's with full kitchens to rent but no hospital nearby,
We are looking at the new Ritz on Grand Cayman. Hospital is within 5 minutes and they have a good kids program that the parents can participate in too.
Let me know what you decide. Good luck

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By redtruck on Wed, 07-26-06, 21:49

Havent stayed at Atlantis, but was just next door at the Riu Hotel last month without the kids, but it seemed ok to take our kids. Other than deserts, most food looked safe there. Walked through Atlantis...very nice...very expensive. I'm sure there is a hospital nearby and are allergy aware in Bahamas.

My friend who used to live in bahamas, now works in Cayman and said the Ritz is very nice too. Not sure about the allergy stuff though.

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By falcon on Tue, 03-13-07, 02:45

Any one go to Atlantis recently. My family is thinking of meeting there. Any info would be helpful!

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By NicoleinNH on Mon, 03-19-07, 02:48

The Bahamas' medical facilities are comparable to those in the United States. However, medical treatment isn

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By NicoleinNH on Mon, 03-19-07, 02:58

I also found this travel article that says the Atlantis will make custom meals for children with food allergies (read below):


Family Travel News: Atlantis gets baby-friendly
The Atlantis Bahamas-- in case you didn't know-- is a one-of-a-kind mega- resort with shark lagoons, lazy river, jaw-dropping waterslides, subterranean giant aquariums, Discovery Kids Camp-- not to mention spa, casino, and Marina Village with shops and restaurants.

It's also friendly to toddlers and little kids, with a spacious kiddie pool area (right.) And starting June 1 2006, "Gentle Travel" will offer new perks for baby travelers.

read about Gentle Travel at the Atlantis
See also: profile of the Atlantis for families, and pix
Atlantis Deals
many photos of The Atlantis: overviews; Royal Towers; The Dig; pools, lagoons, waterslides, etc.
UPDATE: the Atlantis has a new-in-2006 water play zone, with slides and more, especially for pint-sized kids continued below...

Atlantis Bahamas: "Gentle Travel" for families with babies

Babies may not need a lot of gear but it sure does help. So how nice for parents, when a resort provides conveniences.

The Atlantis Bahamas already has a lot of baby visitors: the resort fournished more than 6500 cribs last year. And now, the Atlantis has partnered with Johnson & Johnson -- maker of baby products-- to give families a Gentle Travel Kit and a couple of extra services, starting June 1 2006.

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By falcon on Wed, 03-21-07, 02:28

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for all this info!!!

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By josh'smom on Fri, 03-23-07, 16:15

That sounds great but they were sold out when we called so we are going to Key West instead. How fun!

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