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Ask Before You Eat - book for 2-6 year olds

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By bonestable on Fri, 07-27-07, 12:02


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By mama2aidan on Wed, 08-29-07, 20:18

This is really cool. Something to check out for newbies....especially one's with small children.

A local special education teacher is a mom of two food allergy children. She wrote a book. I have not met her. I read the article in a local parent magazine. I emailed her to thank her. She replied back a huge thank you for being supportive.

Just something to check out. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Take care,

"Ask Before I Eat: A Child's Personal Guide to Food Allergies"


Here is a letter to the parents from her website.

[i]Dear Parents and caregivers,

My husband and I have two young children with severe food
allergies.  Our oldest daughter was diagnosed with life
threatening food allergies when she was only two years and
three months old.  We were stunned and devastated and had no
idea where to begin dealing with this enormous, and very scary,
life change.  We began getting all of the information and
instruction that we needed for us to manage these allergies as
parents.  But, we wanted to teach her also.

I had to leave her in the care of others and I knew that I needed
to trust them.  But, finding that level of trust suddenly seemed
impossible.   I wanted to give her some power, knowledge, and
confidence in herself even while I struggled to regain my own.  

This book was written to be a part of the puzzle of teaching little
ones about their own food allergies.  It gives them some of the
exact language that they need to handle everyday situations.  It
is intended for children ages two to six years.  Carry it around
and have them read it with others.  It's good for them to hear the
message from more than just one person and it will spread the
message to others.  

I hope you and your little food allergic child enjoy the book.  I
also hope you find some comfort in one day hearing your child
tell someone, “I have to ask before I eat!”

Ellen Ferrell, M.Ed. [/i]

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