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Artificial & Natural Flavoring -PA and EA

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By slk70 on Thu, 02-15-07, 15:35

Ok. I'm reading the literature my son's allergist gave me about ingredients to avoid. Both the peanut and egg list state Artificial & Natural Flavoring. OF course all the snack foods my son's eat (and my daycare kiddos eat) say Artificial & Natural Flavoring. Do you call manufacturers all day or does anyone have suggestions for safe snacks?

Slk70 (Sheryl)
Mommy to Nathan - born 2/28/06 - Peanut/Egg
Aidan (3 yrs) NFA

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By bethc on Thu, 02-15-07, 15:38

With the new 2006 U.S. labeling laws, they now have to disclose if they put the top allergens in the product. They can no longer say "natural flavorings" and not disclose if that is peanut or egg. That was something you used to have to worry about, but has been a great change.

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