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Article in Forbes \"Top Allergy-Friendly Food Finds\"

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By kcjenn on Wed, 09-12-07, 14:07


It's a good article, although I could have done without the implied guilt trip in this early sentence:

Scientists aren't sure why this is happening, but one explanation, the hygiene hypothesis, suggests it's partly our own doing.

Okay, if the scientists aren't sure, then what is the point in "suggesting" that it's "partly my own doing"?

Other than that, I enjoyed reading this article.

~Jenn in GA
DS (5) PA, DD (2) NKA

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By Jimmy's mom on Wed, 09-12-07, 16:21

I took "our" to mean society in general, not the parents of kids with allergies. Of course, I may have taken nit that way because it's want I want to believe was meant.


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