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Article from UK - Peanut Allergic Death

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By Mary on Wed, 04-21-99, 18:09

The following site has a report of a death due to the peanut allergy [url="http://www.mirror.co.uk:80/stories/F2104934.html"]http://www.mirror.co.uk:80/stories/F2104934.html[/url]

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By on Wed, 04-21-99, 20:15

Mary, thanks so much for the link.

My heart goes out to that family! If this isn't an indication to ASK EACH AND EVERY TIME if a food contains nuts, I don't know what else would get the point across of how deadly this allergy is and the importance of carrying an Epi-Pen. Such a tragedy that could have been avoided! I couldn't imagine my child going through life with a peanut allergy "tasting" food to see if it had nuts in it. I have a very hard time understanding this!

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