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Are Maltesers safe???

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By vienna on Wed, 10-31-01, 21:13

I a new on this message board, and at first I want to appologize me for my bad english, I'm not a native speaker. We live in Austria, and here it is very hard to get information about PA or PA-safe or nutfree products.

It is my three year old son David who has a severe PA and nut allergy (and not only these allergies).
And as Christmas is coming I am searching for sweets for him. Up to now he was forbidden to eat any chocolate as here in Austria no chocolate is said to be nutfree. Thanks to this Message board I have found nutfree KitKat (Nestl

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By williamsmummy on Wed, 10-31-01, 21:29

yes, they are nut free !!!
other uk product that do not contain nuts ( are kinnerton chocolate, smarties, cadburys buttons are ok. (not many other cadbury stuff..careful!)
roundtrees fruit pastiles, jelly tots.
maltesers and kit kats are one of our favourties!
hope this list is of some help.

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By vienna on Thu, 11-01-01, 07:05

Thanks a lot, dear Sarah!
My problem here is that most of the things you've mentioned are not available in Austria: I've never seen Kinnerton's chocolate or Cadburys buttons, and the only chance to get it would have been marks & spencers, but they have closed here in Austria a few months ago.
My list with nutfree British products is growing :-))) My only problem now is how can we get these things ;-))) but I'm optimistic!! Very much more optimistic than only one week ago.... It is very hard to find people who try to understand the situation of children who have a PA here in Austria...

With kind regards,


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By andy on Fri, 11-02-01, 00:50

Why don't you order from Vermont Nut Free Chocolate? Andy

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By vienna on Sat, 11-03-01, 12:30

Hi Andy!

I want to provide the same chocolate to all of my children and want to find out what products we can allow our son to eat, and they should be easy to get here at home in Austria.....
And I've found lots of [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
By the way, I've just found a producer who makes nutfree chocolate in Germany and he exports them to Canada and the USA!!! Its R

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By erik on Sat, 11-03-01, 23:55


I checked the Nestle Austria web page, and if you click on "Choco Corner" I can see 3 peanut-free products available in Austra.

The first, s you mentioned, is Kit Kat. Both Kit Kat and Kit Kat Chunky are available in Austria.

The second is Smarties. The boxes, as well as the tubes, of Smarties are available.

The final product is the After Eights mints.

Always check the labels to be 100% sure, but at this time, these 3 products are nut-free. They are all made in the UK by Nestle UK and exported to Austria (and other European countries such as Germany and Switzerland).

It is good that Smarties are available in Austria, as all children love them!!!!! (even adults like me love them!)

Nestle Austria web page:

p.s. Please note: even though Maltesers are safe in Europe (made in UK), they are not safe in North America (made in USA), as they contain the warning "Made in a facility that processes peanuts/nuts"

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By vienna on Thu, 11-15-01, 20:25

Hi Erik!

I knew this page and I am in contact with Nestle Austria.
he fact is that I am waiting for their information since almost 2 months.
Safe is the baby food that Nestle is producing in Austria and Germany, but I do not know of anything else.
Smarties available in Austria are made in Germany, not in the UK, therefore I do not know f they are safe or not. Kitkat chunky I've found in the shops is imported from the UK, therfore it is safe. Kitkat is produced in Germany, and I still do not know whether it is safe or not.
After eight is also produced in Germany.

Where from do you know that these products are imported from the UK, when the labels say that they are produced in Germany??? There must be something wrong....


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By erik on Fri, 11-16-01, 00:37

Smarties and Kit Kat and After Eights are made in Germany? My friend had brought back a case of Kit Kat Chunky (6 @ 55 grams) from the UK, and the ingredients were listed in many languages such as German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, etc (made in York, England) so it looked like the products made in UK were exported to Europe (Nestle UK exports a lot, for example, After Eights, Kit Kat Chunky, Aero Mint, are exported to Canada from the UK). I read about Kit Kat Chunky being exported in refrigerated containers to places such as Saudi Arabia.. I knew that the bars were imported to Austria but never thought they would be made in Germany.. sorry about that.

I had thought that the UK was the only country in Europe to manufacture Kit Kats, but after doing a search on the internet, I found out that they are also made in one other European country... Hamburg, Germany.

It is too bad the Smarties, etc are made in Germany. Most German chocolate has peanut traces in it. I hope that Nestle will contact you regarding the safety of these items - let's hope they are safe.

Well, at least you know Kit Kat Chunky is safe.. let us know what you hear from Nestle Germany! Have a good day.

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