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Are Chick Peas, lentils a problem with PA?

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By PennMom on Wed, 04-25-07, 13:45

We are supposed to go to a family get together at a restaurant that has a very varied menu for lunch. I have scanned their menu and their are no nuts listed (yeay!) but they use chick peas (for burgers) and have a lentil salad. I'm trying to determine if these foods usually cause a problem with airborne/cooking type reactions. The restaurant is small so I imagine the ventilation isn't great- anyone had any experiences with chick peas and lentils in a peanut allergic person- good or bad experiences? I plan on bringing DD's food- but was just worried from an inhalation/cooking standpoint. Thanks!

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By cam on Wed, 04-25-07, 14:08

My son eats them on a regular basis. I'll be interested to read other replies, too. I hope it goes well!

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By Peg541 on Wed, 04-25-07, 14:09

My son has avoided all legumes on advice from our allergist. My husband (not allergic) recently ate chick peas in a salad and spent the rest of the evening coughing. I tried to get him to take Benadryl but he refused.

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By cam on Wed, 04-25-07, 14:12

I definitely trust the experiences of others, but was just going to share something I just found for whatever it is worth. You can do a find for "re other legumes:" at this website:


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By PennMom on Wed, 04-25-07, 14:22

Thanks, doing some more research just found this- it relates to those who are allergic to chick pea/lentils and who have been "sensitised to these legumes (note more common in India, and places where chickpeas/lentils are widely used- but does not necessarily apply to those who have peanut allergy- the whole section in link below has full details)


Other symptoms reported from Chick pea allergy include urticaria, angioedema, abdominal symptoms, rhinoconjunctivitis and/or asthma, which may follow ingestion or inhalation of vapours from cooked Chick pea and other cooked legumes (Lentil, bean). Lentil was found to induce the most severe reactions (16). Other studies have also implicated Chick pea in the genesis of allergic symptoms following inhalation. Twelve children with an IgE-mediated food allergy who developed asthma on inhalational exposure to food were identified in one study

this site is pretty cool- you can choose other legumes at the top and read about them too.

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By booandbrimom on Wed, 04-25-07, 14:31

My son is allergic to all legumes and lentils. Dr. Sicherer told me at a food conference several years back that the odds of this for any peanut allergic individual are about 1 in 20. The allergy is apparently to a seed pod protein that's common between species.

In general, not a problem for most people but it can happen.

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By saknjmom on Wed, 04-25-07, 15:20

My son ate green beans and pinto beans before pa diagnosis no problem. Peas as well, but itching etc. He had never eaten chic peas before diagnosis, so we avoid them.

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By Going Nuts on Wed, 04-25-07, 15:41

My son is allergic to chick peas also, but no other beans/peas so far (knock wook).

I'm not PA, but am allergic to lentils. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/rolleyes.gif[/img]


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By solarflare on Wed, 04-25-07, 16:09

As far as I recall, Jason has never had a problem with chickpeas or lentils. Even when he was still allergic to soy. Chickpea flour is somewhat common in gluten free flour blends.

Cheryl, mom to Jason (9 MFA including peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and egg)
Joey (7 NKA)
Allison (4 milk allergic, suspect shellfish, avoiding PN/TN for now)
Ryan (1) nka *knock on wood*

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By Rach on Thu, 04-26-07, 18:06

I eat them all the time with no problems, just had some for my supper tonight in fact!

Take care

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By Mama on Fri, 04-27-07, 01:45

DS allergic to Peanuts, always ate peas, split peas etc. Last summer her calapsed in our living room after having had one spoon of split pea soup. Swelled up, hives, eyes red. ETC. Could not figure out what it was , called dr. he asked did he eat anything with peas. He was having an ANA reaction to the split peas.

Month later tested positive for peas, split peas and chick peas. He must have just developed it over time, after having eaten them no problem for 7.5 years.

It was VERY frightening for him and myself. Peas were one of his favourite veggies to eat. NOT ANY MORE!!

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By lilanne on Fri, 04-27-07, 02:46

when they did the RAST on my son last year it showed positive to chickpea as well....the only other nut is macadamian. We still avoid all nuts.

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By momll70 on Fri, 04-27-07, 13:01

I'm PA/TNA and so is my son and I'm allergic to chick peas and lentils and green beans (so far the only legumes I'm allergic to) I eat a few different types of beans with no problems but I'm have other MFA. My son has a light allergy to peas so we stay away from beans.

But there are many PA people that are not allergic to beans.

My son can be in a room with someone else eating beans or cooking and he's fine.

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By FridayMom on Mon, 04-30-07, 19:32

Our DD is PA - doctor said that peas, chickpeas and lentils should not be a problem.

She has eaten them all without incident, but these posts make me think we'd better avoid them until she's older - she's only 3 now.

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