MedicAlert's telephone # is 1-800-432-5378
My husband and I are taking our 13 month old son to a new allergist (we weren't happy with the first one we visited). Since learning of my child's peanut allergy, I've started compiling a list of...
I would highly recommend avoiding peanut oil in any food products, even the refined peanut oil. After receiving a newsletter from FAN with a notation in it that Pringles is now making a pizza...
Easter weekend seems a good time to start a new positive thread. Let's post our fun stuff here while we can easily remember what happened. (I don't know about you, but my memory seems to be getting...
Looking for others that have eosinophilic esophagitis and are allergic to peanuts. My son was recently diagonosed with EE and so far his Rast testing has shown a Class 5 to peanuts.
I hope this story will help all of you dealing with PA in that it illustrates yet another product to watch for...I have a three year old daughter, named Kassidy. She first alerted us to PA at around...
My son was a big Sesame Street fan from ages two to three but dropped off from watching it a year or so ago. During the time he was watching SS, the Amazing Mumford character *always* prefaced his...
On another post I saw notation that some children have been reacting to dogs licking them. The possibility of an allergy to dog is possible plus a reaction may be developing from the dogs food. Some...
It is wonderful that you parents are so concerned and cautious in support of your allergic children. I am an adult peanut allergic person. My parents chose to ignore my allergy, because they were...
My son is a five year old kindergartener. We thought we took all the precautionary steps to ensure Christians saftey. The teacher and nurse were given letters from my son's Dr. explaining his...
Hi my son is 19 months old and only 20lbs. He has only gained a pound since 12 months. Before that he was in the 80% on charts and now he is below the charts. He has peanut, egg, milk allergy, so...
In the April 99 issue of Child magazine, there is a article on food allergies, focusing somewhat on peanut allergies. Suprising though there is no mention of using Epi-pens only Benadryl. Carol S.
I know I saw a sample emergency plan posted on one of the boards - for use in schools, daycares, etc. I am in the process of setting one up and was hoping to use the one posted to double check...
I am outraged at the reaction of individuals concerning the severity of peanut allergy. I have been doing research on peanut allergy to better educate my family. I have come across some very...
Hi, I'm new to the group and I have a 5 1/2 year old son with a peanut allergy, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, sulfa and a milk sensitivity. His reaction to peanuts has been vomiting within about 1...
Hi Everyone. Hope all had a nice holiday. Sean, our peanut/egg allergic 16 month old, spent Easter in the ER and then was admitted for pneumonia and severe asthma. They tell me asthma is common...
I could use some help. I daughter has been allergic for 5 years. Our doctor often calls me to visit with newly diagnosed parents.I am a nurse, and do the best I can to help these parents. I try to...
I am fatally allergic to peanuts, my husband is mildly- we have a one year old-who I am concerned about but do not want to put him throughallergy teats yet. I am a stay at home mom and rarely ever...
I am having a hard time with neighborhood children coming over to play at our house, whether inside or out, and they are wanting a snack to eat. I am scared to death to feed them anything not...
Do they exist? Is it important to find one, or do you just go to the allergist for the allergy questions? My old pediatrician just said to stay away from peanuts when Kelsey had a reaction....

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