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Do They Make Single Serving Benadryl

I've been told the Benadryl makes travel size single servings but I can't find anyplace that sells them. Hoping someone can help me. I'm tired of lugging around a 4 oz bottle with me everywhere. A travel size would be so much easier on trips and would help his preschool teacher out too.

Thanks in advance,

By lovebug99 on Fri, 08-15-14, 15:04

I know they made them at walgreens but I'm not sure they still carry them.

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By adahman on Fri, 08-15-14, 03:13

Walgreen's has begun making single serve blister packs again. They come in a box of 10. I just purchased a box for home and a box for my daughter's school last week here in Indiana. I haven't been able to find them for nearly a year until last week.


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By AldensMom on Sun, 07-13-14, 15:27

Single dose is no longer available. They used to make singe serving liquid Benadryl. Walgreens also carried a version. About a year ago, they stopped making them. I believe that all the diphenhydramine makers no longer make the single dose liquid in favor of "rapid melts." CVS and Walgreens both sell rapid-melts or chewables. That said, personal experience has taught me that my little boy responds better to the liquid, rather than the chewed version. It is rather frustrating when they discontinue a product that was so useful for us! However, Epi-Essentials makes single dose bottles that you can fill yourself. Very useful. See them at http://www.epi-essentials.com/The-Collection/Mini-Antihistamine-Containers/

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