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I am just curious about what everyone else is paying for an Epipen? I have read several times on this board that people have "lots" of extras just in case. Where I live in Canada they cost around $80...
My 13 month old has a severe peanut allergy and I accidentally ate ice cream labeled may contain nuts. How soon till I can breastfeed safely
So I have been having severe asthma symptoms and have been on many asthma medications and have still had multiple hospitalizations ): I also have multiple allergies (environmental, latex, and some...
I was wondering if anyone knows of any private peanut , tree nut free schools in either Flagler or Volusia county Florida. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you so much.
My daughter is almost 2. It took 3 mild reactions (only reddness and itching) before we narrowed the allergen down to peanuts. I knew that peanut allergies usually get worse so I started looking...
My 13 month old dd had her first reaction to peanuts last Tuesday with hives and swelling around the mouth and eyes. The Thursday before she had a MMR vaccine along with the chicken pox vaccine. The...
We're into week 2 of dealing with this allergy and while at first I was pretty matter-of-fact about it I'm having like an emotional delayed reaction now. It feels like tears could pop out at any...
of peanut allergic children and families that is online. Anyone have a link to it? TIA Donna
Allergy shock also called anaphylactic shock is a severe allergic reaction in which a person goes into shock. It sometimes occurs when people come into contact with a substance to which they are...
Hi everybody! I'm curious about something which has troubled me for quite some time. How many of you read a book called "What to expect when you're expecting" and it's successor "What to expect the...
For all you experts out there... If you take all peanuts and peanut products out of your diet will IGE levels naturally go down on RAST testing and up again if peanuts are again eaten. My son's RAST...
I need this info for something I am submitting to be published and need the most recent statistics and findings. Do you have any info or links? TIA Donna
My husband recently attended a peanut allergy support group meeting. Several members recommended that foods labelled with "natural flavoring" as an ingredient should be avoided because they may...
Can anyone provide info or a web site address for Sully's Living Without a magazine devoted to people with allergies?
I just found out today that my daughter has an allergy to peanuts. She's also allergic to milk and beef. I have several questions as this is all so new to me! First, I keep reading about people...
We would like to compile an extensive list of 1-800 telephone numbers for food manufacturers (and any other manufacturer you feel is appropriate). Please check your pantry and post 1-800-phone...
A recent ruling on a case of a peanut allergic child found that the child was not covered under the ADA laws. The case was Marie Land v. Baptist Medical Center in Arkansas. The only good news was...
Hi, I took my 4 1/2 year old to the allergist today and asked him about asthma. The allergist said that he is definitely at risk for having asthma because he has environmental type allergies (tree...
I have been reading messages from various places in the topics and I read how often your children have reactions i.e. 3 times in a year and half. My topic question is "how" has the additional contact...
MedicAlert's telephone # is 1-800-432-5378
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