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arachis Oil

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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Wed, 04-14-99, 15:13

This was sent to us>


I do not have a peanut allergy but am a Children's Ward sister and Nurse Teacher in England. We use arachis Oil
regularly in order to administer a drug rectally called Paraldehyde, which is used to stop children
Do you have any information regarding the incidence of allergic responses to this oil in individuals with
peanut/nut allergy or an alternative oil. Any information would be gratefully recieved.

[email]"[email protected]"[/email]

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By on Wed, 04-14-99, 16:49

Isn't arachis oil another name for peanut oil? If it is, I would be extremely nervous about using it for peanut allergic patients.

I, too, would be interested if anyone has had a reaction to this or if in fact, it is safe to use.

Thanks to whoever sent this question into you Chris. They are being conscience about hidden dangers with the peanut allergy and my hat goes off to them!

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By Mark on Thu, 04-15-99, 03:25

Yes, Arachis oil is another name for organic peanut oil. Arachide is the french word for peanut and it is very similar to arachis. I found the following page on arachis oil that you can review:


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By on Thu, 04-15-99, 15:16


Thanks for the confirmation. I checked out your link and also found one on "Peanut Allergy-The Facts" and it mentions under "Should Peanut Oil be Avoided?" It states:

"The process of refining oil removes the protein which would trigger an allergic reaction. Peanut oil (sometimes labeled as Arachnis oil)is commonly used as a component in vegetable oil, as a carrier in processed foods or as an emulsifier/lubricant in cosmetics. The oil is highly refined and should pose no problem for allergy sufferers. However, oils which are cold pressed to retain their flavor or oil that has been used to cook peanuts DO contain protein and therefore should be avoided."


Chris, I don't know if this helps or not. Some people on the board, I believe, have reacted to peanut oil and I would think it would be a hard call as to "risk" it or not.

One thing though as with "casein" being another name for milk--watch for "Arachnis" when reading labels for peanuts!

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