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arachidyl propionate

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By Don on Wed, 03-15-00, 13:30

Reading through the ingredient list of one of my wife's cosmetic products I came across the compound arachidyl propionate. As the french word for nuts is arachid, I was curious as to whether or not this was a peanut derived product. I would appreciate any information regarding the nature of this compound so as to becomed more informed about a variety of cosmetic products and risks to anaphylactic children.
Thank-you for any input.

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By canada on Wed, 03-15-00, 18:40

Arachidyl Proprionate is a compound derived from peanut. According to several manufacturers cosmetic and pharmaceutical , this product should not contain live proteins capable of causing allergic reactions. Does that mean that you should be comfortable with it, that is up to you and your wife. Personally, I have prefered to change my make up suppliers and have found several to my liking.

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By rscollo2 on Thu, 03-16-00, 17:46

I just checked my lipsticks from Loreal and of course they all have that ingredient in them. Im kind of confused on what I should do!

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